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  1. Alright so I'm kind of starting a grow guys. Got 3 seeds from a friend for free and don't know the strains or even if they are good. Anywho I got em on friday and dropped em in water over night and put em in most paper towels on saturday. I'm still at work and am going to check on them when I get home.

    I got 4 cfl build each 23 watts that I will be using for the seedling and maybe vegetative states.

    plan on running 18-6 hour cycle. Wondering if I start the cycle as soon as I put the seeds into their pots?

    I have to build my grow room from an old dresser which I plan to do tomorrow.

    I'll be posting more once I get outta work cause my break is over.
  2. Your cfls will be fine for all the way through but as you got 3 on the go i would try and get at least 2 more. I started mine on 16/8 for an couple of days whilst embryo leaves were on the when my first true leaves showed (single leaves with saw like edge) I moved to 18/6 then when my next set came out moved to 20/4 and now my next set have started to show moved to 24/0. Till i want to flower then I'll do the same but in reverse. Also with cfls keep the lights no more than 2 inches above the plant as cfls don't produce much heat they won't burn unless they touch.

    Hope this helps

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  3. Plus add photos at each stage as if anything happens people will have a record to see that they can help in identifying the problem for you and help you correct it so you get some nice plants

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

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  4. Thanks bozie, hoping atleast 2 pop through and can get em planted soon, getting impatient over them ha.

    Just took measurements of the dresser im going to be using.

    width: 32"

    length: 15"

    height: 48"

    Thinking the length might be a bit small and maybe extending it to 20- 22" if that would be better.

    Also got Gardners Pride soil and am expecting it to do good for the seedling process.
  5. As long as the soil does have any added nutes you'll be fine as they can burn your seedling before it even has chance to grow. If it does mix it with some dirt from back yard at about 60% from back yard to 40% the bagged up stuff. Then it should be ok. That dresser does seem a little thin I would aim for atleast 12 inch per plant in all directions so if you have 2 in there you'll want say 12 inch by 24inch height wise it doesn't really matter as you can either fim or top to get more growth sideways rather than height plus when they get to just under half the height switch lights over to flower cycle 12/12 and they will just about double in height and if topping or fim'd as well you get more bud sites.
  6. Oh something else use something like a litter tray under your pots as well to collect water run off out of your drainage holes in you pots and paint the inside of your dresser a dull white. That will give you about 85% reflection of light around the plant but as its dull white it wont cause heat spots and burn your leaves. I don't know if you can get them where you are but you know those small fans for in cars get one of them to circulate air around the plants plus 4 computer fans to vent air in and out to bring in more co2 and get rid of oxygen build up. You can get away with just using 2 at the top to vent air out and bore say 2 2inch hole at the bottom as a passive inlet to save some money.

    Hope that helps you, I've subscribed to your thread so you best keep me updated

    P.S. my thread is in indoor grow title my first grow diary. with regular updates, mainly daily and full instructions as to what I'm doing. As I'm on a very tight budget so far I've spent around £20-30 English.

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