First Time Grower With Questions On Fox Farm And Nutes

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    Hello everybody! It's my first outdoor grow but I've been researching for months now. Before I get to the questions let me just give you some real quick background information.
    I started my bagseed Northern Lights in solo cups with some standard medium. Nothing Special. One of them sprouted last Sunday and the other two on Tuesday. They are doing great with no problems so far.
    I plan on transferring them into holes in the ground filled with Fox Farm Ocean Forest after about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. Since OF has plenty of nutrients in it to start with would I need to add the recommended 1/4 dose of Big Bloom and Grow Big after Transplant or should I wait 3 weeks?
    If anyone could guide me into the right direction It'd be greatly appreciated. Any tips would be great as well!
    Oh, and I'm from Florida.  :hello:

  2. fox farm is good stuff! i would hit it with a little bloom/root nutes right at transplant to help root. then in 2 weeks with nitrogen rich organic fert. to keep it from preflowering to soon because you had givin it budding/rooting nutes at the start. other than that with the foxfarm you shouldn't have to fertilize for a month or two. best thing about it it is all organic.(foxfarm) good luck.
  3. So at transplant give it some big bloom and then after two weeks start giving it grow big for the rest of veg state?
  4. Yes i would just give the big bloom at TP and water 1 or 2 times then start the grow big but at 2tbs per gal first 2 weeks every other or 3rd watering then bump it up every so often. keep them nice and dark
  5. Thanks man ! Exactly what I needed to know  :D
  6. Good plans so far, just make sure the hole you plan on filling with FF soil is at least 2 feet wide and 2 deep. Good Luck!

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