First time grower with a leaf problem!! PLEASE HELP! Dying leaves, pics included!! :(

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for helping, I really don't want to lose these guys. This is my very first time growing but I have four plants that are each under one 6500K CFL Bulb and something is definitely wrong with two of the plants!! I noticed that the edges of some of the leaves were starting to turn yellow about a week ago and I thought it might be that I was overfertilizing it. But I went away for the weekend and just came back to find that the bottom leaves on both plants were pretty much falling off and now the edges of the leaves a little bit higher are completely dried out. I'm not sure how well I'm describing this, (I did include pictures that you can look at though), but it's like the leaf looks healthy up until it's completely dried out and crunchy and dead-looking. Also, on the other two plants the very top are curling up, is that a bad thing?? I don't remember if my other plants did that because the 2nd two are a little younger. Anyways, I'm probably not doing a great job so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but if ANYONE can tell me what I could be doing wrong and what I should do to fix it, I'll be INCREDIBLY grateful!!!!! I hope I'm not killing them :(

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    i'm also interested in an answer
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  4. only on the bottom leaves? did you just go 12/12?
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    Looks like nute burn. Did you spill any on the leaves? Also do you ph your water and nutes before you water them? What are you using for nutes? Ppms?
  6. looks like heat stress. what are your temps? also looks like some nute burn.
  7. I've seen a similar problem..

    Starts as just a few spots on the leaves and works it's way all over the leave then spreads to another leaf.

    this is happening over different plants on different strains.

    also on a batch of 10 seedlings that just popped 2 weeks ago

  8. No, I was planning on going 12/12 within the next week or so and it's mostly on the bottom few layers of leaves and the very first leaves are pretty much just dead.

  9. I don't pH my water before I water them, and I'm using tap water. Do you think that could be it? (Also, this may be a dumb question, but I have a Brita filter thing, would that help stabilize the pH at all?)

    As far as the nutes go, I've been using a normal MiracleGro houseplant food fertilizer diluted in water and there is definitely a chance that THAT water could have gotten on the plants.

    Do you think either of those could be the cause of it? And if so, what should I do??


  10. They're kept in a room that varies between 75-80 degrees F and each plant has a 6500K CFL bulb directly above them about 2-3 inches.

    I previously thought it was nute burn, and that definitely could still be it, but I stopped using the fertilizer in the water and I've watered them twice this week with plain tap water and the plant-dying only seemed to spread so I thought there was chance it could be something else.

    Thanks again!!
  11. The brita would filter the water out but not ph your water. Miracle gro is not really great for mj plants but i have seen some people do well with it. So, I think you need to get a ph tester , and better nutes if you can. yes getting your leaves wet with MG will cause burning. Sorry lil toasted right now lol but you def. have a ph problem and some nute burn! Look into getting the recipe for success by technaflora its easy to use cheap and stable. Also getta ph tester!
  12. If you're using tap water let it sit uncovered for 24-48h so the chlorine evaporates.

  13. Okay, I'll start doing that and see if it helps!! Do you think boiling the water and letting it cool would have the same effect? If I can not have sitting water for two days, that would be preferable but if not I can definitely deal.
    Thanks again!
  14. Don't think that will work.. Chlorine is a gas, has to evaporate... As far as I know...

    Also a lot of ppl recommend misting you're plants if having trouble with humidity. Tap water tends to have a lot of salt.. Witch will dry and stick to your plant. This can block lumens, and just make your plant look like shit...

  15. Okay, so basically I leave the water out for a few days and I'm good to go?
  16. BUMP, I still don't know what's wrong with my leaves and it seems to be getting harder :(( HELLPPPP
  17. i was told it was a type of mold and offered a spray to stop the spread

  18. What kind of spray?? Did yours look like mine? And did they get better?

  19. When I have similar issues.. I flush to get nutes away form the plant and check the temps near the leaves that are having problems...

    I think it looks like minor nute burn, but could also be heat stress if your lights were too close. (although from the pics.. I think its nute burn, but I'm no expert.)

    When in doubt about nute burn I flush and water for 3 days with no nutes then start back with 50% nutes and slowly work back up..

    The problem is if you get nute burn your plants will not take nutes up right and you will get deficiencies.... hence flush treat em gentle and personally like I mentioned I give only water for 3 days after (btw ph test it a cheap kits is about $10, the color charts are much better than not testing at all.)

    I have had one case of root rot, it does similar things to leaves, but the entire plant got it fast, and was all droopy... (poked more drain holes, a couple seemed clogged, and took off the water schedule for a full 48 hours, and it came back) so I dont think thats your issue, but I've only delt with it once in one plant.

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