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First time grower White Widow (pics) and a question

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by growiusmaximus, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Here are pics of my babies. They first sprouted a root tap on October 6th so does that put me on Day 16??? I have been reading a lot of threads on this board and not exactly sure on when you guys start counting. Veg started 5 days ago from seedling stagve and I can not believe how fast they are growing now. I got my seeds from http://amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com/ I posted a newbi question early on and have just been lurking trying to absorb as much information as possible.

    I bought 10 WW seeds and also recieved a free bag of 10 mixed seeds. Germinated all 20 keeping them spereated of course. Suprisingly 1 of the mixed seeds actually sprouted a tap root in 18 hours in papertowel. All 10 WW germed and 7 mixed.

    These went into 1.5"x 1.5" rockwool i had stabilized. 1 WW (in pic #2) and the 1 mixed (pic #3) pushed to the surface. After few days all had. I put them into veg 4 days ago and they have been just exploding in gowth. They all seem healthy and i am constantly monitoring PPM and pH.

    Any of you have any idea as to the type of the unknown in pic 3? So in total now i have the 7 best WW and 1 unknown that is much lower and wider. I will update my gow for all those interested. Anyone with input is welcome to reply.



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  2. How much did that hydro system cost?
  3. High max!:wave: Nice set up. Looks like they are off to a super start:hello: ! There is really no way to tell the diff between strains. even a full maturity, let alone at that age. Keep up the good work though, ill be back to check in. Peace and GL, TBug
  4. Hey WestSide I paid $279 from ecogrow.com they have awesome Customer Service and awesome fast shipping.

    Thanks for the input T.Bug.... I will post updates
  5. I think you asked when veg is consider started, It is my understanding that veg is considered started after the first set of true leaves begin unfolding, however, I just count veg as beginning when the plant rears its head above ground. I got a Q for you though when you speak of puting them in veg, what do you mean?
  6. What I mean is the end of the seedling growth stage and using stronger nute mix and moving light closer as they are now able to tolerate it.
  7. DAY 20

    Well I am now on day 20 and wow are they growing fast. I have been monitoring ppm and ph like a nazi. They are growing so fast i am amazed truely. Every day they are bigger and more beautiful.

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  8. Very nice grow. Id love to try a hydro system but ive never done it before so i feel like i should first master my growing techniques in a soil medium first. Im growing white widows too but they are in soil mediums.
    Come check em out----->http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/117818-8-white-widows-updated-daily.html Im on day 32 as of today.

    they look really good though, keep it up and gluck. Be careful with nutes cuz ive seen alot of ppl f**k up grwing hydro.
  9. Plants look great.
    What ph and ppm are they at?
    Do you drain the systems weekly to keep the water fresh?
    Nice grow.
    Nice work.
    I will keep watching.
  10. SmknVTEC my ph is 6.2 and keep the ppm around 1200 my tap water here is about 180. I drain the system once a week and run straight water for a few hours to flush any salts and then refill . Have been monitoring ppm cause I have read how nute sensative WW can be. They are really growing fast as you can see from these pics from last nite.

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  11. Your plants do look nice.
    Dont let your PH get any higher because the PH of 6.2 is right at the high end of the scale for hydro ph. Any higher and lockout may occur. However, you seem to be spot on because they look great.
  12. Nice grow they look sweet
    in the second pic down on your last update looks like heat stress
    good luck
  13. drbosco: I agree 2 of my plants have some characteristics of heat stress with the frindges pointing up a bit. its is only 2 plants and the rest dont look like that.... My thermometer shows the warmest it gets in there is 81deg f, and lowest is 72 deg f. My 1000 watt HPS is about 4 feet above canopy. What else could cause this?
  14. I see a tad bit of heat stress in the first picture. That is all I know of that will cause the folding over of the leaves edges. It is not a big deal though because it seems minimal. Oh and your light 4 feet away from the canopy seems a bit far. A 1000 watt HPS should be more like 10 inches to 36 inches away. I guess if 4 feet is working out for you and they are a bit heat stressed (don't know why because temps sound ok) then just leaf it. But, consider getting the light a bit closer if they can handle it.

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  15. smknvtec: Thanks for the chart... great reference table. I had read about keeping the light 10 -36 inches away but the 2 plants have been showing those leaf curls for a few weeks so i was scared to put it closer, yet the pants next to it do not show the same symptoms. I have moved the light to 3 feet away and will monitor for any other signs of distress. Thanks again for the heads up. You guys are great
  16. Sorry for no posts for a long time been a hetic month and a half. Just got back from a trip to Amsterdam for the cannabis cup...WOW

    I put the babies into flower on November 4 and only wound up with 2 females as 2 went male and 2 hermie. The 2 left have gone nuts taking over the closet. THe one big one is over 6 foot at this point and the other about 6 inches shorter. 34 days into flower another 3 -5 weeks i think. Next batch i will definately go with a shorter beg time as the are way to tall. I brought back some Blue Haze seeds from Home Grown Fantaseeds for my next batch. Any input is appreciated.

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  17. How did the light go at 3 feet away? The second picture shows the plant reaching for light still. It is very minimal and the plants look amazing for a first grow. I guess rubbing elbows with the cannabis cup folks and all their skill, has really brushed off onto you.
  18. Hey SmknvTEC, I have been keep the light about 24 - 30 inches away last month and a half. The one looks like it is stretching is the closest to the light and has just been budding like a monster. I got to spend about a half hour talking with Arjan of Greenhouse seeds, who also won the cup. Picked his brain good. Next grow should be really sick.
  19. Good deal. 24-30 inches away is great. You must live near Amsterdam. Those Amsterdamians really know how to grow.

  20. No, live in good ol Southern Cali. Just went to the Dam for a vacation and met some great people.

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