First time grower! What to do next?

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    1500245063483-457500693.jpg 15002451085821608049270.jpg 1500245158974880137071.jpg 1500255824168-457500693.jpg I planted this plant just to see if I could grow one. Turns out, I can. lol Anyway, it's been outside in a large pot for about 2-3 months. What do I do next? Is there a way to make it stop growing taller and fill out more? Is it too early to tell if it's male or female?
  2. Deff need to transplant. Also about time to top it off and as the sex goes it almost looks like a male but I'm terrible at sexing so I'd wait to her from others about the sex of the plant looks pretty healthy though!

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  3. Looking good, from what I know a male plant will grow balls between the branches, which are sacks of pollen.. Females grow pistils which are white hairs about 1cm long I think?

    Looks healthy so nice work for first time!

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  4. I have been growing it completely outdoors. It's currently about 2 1/2 - 3 ft tall and I have it in a 12" flower pot. I read about "plant training", but everything I read is for indoor growing. Should I try this? Bending stems or cutting the top off? I'm completely new to this. I've been a smoker for 20+ years, but have never attempted growing my own. Next time, I'll do research before I start. This grow was just on a whim, but I'd like to try and get something out of it.
  5. Most indoor training works outdoors too, I don't know of any that just wouldn't work outside. You could top the plant, then use LST on it, I know this would work outside :)

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