First Time Grower, Week 7 of Veg

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  1. IMG_2995.JPG Here we have a Purple Chem by Cali Connections enjoying her 7th week in veg. She is relaxing under a 600w Viprapectra LED in a carbon filtered 3x3 Vivosun tent. Growing hydroponically in a 5 gallon bubble bucket, her diet consists of General Hydroponics' 3-part Flora series (Micro, Grow, Bloom) with the help of some GE CalMag. She also enjoys a half tsp of Recharge Beneficial Bacteria. I have GE Floralicious ready to go upon Flowering.

    As this is my very first grow, I have decided not to try any growing techniques such as scroging and supercroping.

    I am hoping to yield at least 5-10 oz's. I have read that it is possible to get a lb or 2 out of a 3x3 but I am only using 1 plant and I'm not scroging.
  2. If your not going to scrog at least tie some strings to the branches and spread them out use the frame of your tent for anchors.youll get 4 to 5 ounces if your lucky don't expect to much from your first grow it's a learning curve man.
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  3. Move your light closer as well it is a very good looking plant. Welcome to the grow world
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  4. Just stick a net up an scrog it. It makes all the difference. 20170808_214123.jpg
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