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  1. hey Guys. I have had little plants in the past that always died within 2 weeks of growing. I have decided to finally give it a real shot and wanted to know what your opinions are of the the gear I got to start my grow. I bought a 4x4x7’ grow tent and for lighting I’m using 2 VIPARSPECTRA 600 watt LEDs. I got some seeds from a friend and I’m using fox farm soil to germinate and I’m going for around 4-5 plants. Do you think this setup will produce heathy plants and any recommendations I need to know? Thank you
  2. I would say you could do 4 healthy plants with that. Do you have any kind of fert/nutes you are going to use? What kind of water are you using....tap? Do you know ppm and Ph of said water?

    Only recommendation I can give you is the same one I got when I was where you are now....and that, read, read.....retain some info/take notes.....and supplement that with stuff you pick up from people here. Apply that to your grow....and learn from your mistakes.

    Happy growing!
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    Should produce good plants ,
    You might invest in quality light
    Or just more of it .
    Two 600w VIPARSPECTRA will definitely veg 4 or 5 but you may lose out some comes to flowering ,
    Make sure you have good ventilation ,
    Always use ph balanced water
    And don't over water and don't over feed

    Happy Growing ![​IMG]Day 24 flower , Growing in Fox Farm Ocean forest and Happy Frog Mix .

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  4. I’m going to be using distilled water because my tap is 450ppm and I bought the fox farm trio nutrients. I was planning on starting them a couple weeks after it started growing with a half dose and go from there.
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  5. Ok then.....sounds like you have a good solid plan set in place, with the correct materials....that's half the battle right there.
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  6. Then balance the ph on your distilled water
    The ph will change over time and once you add nutrients the ph changes and the ppm fluctuate
    Heck the ppm changes with the ph up & down

    When 4 plants start flowering thats going to be a lot of distilled water .

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  7. Liquid sand lol! Geez
  8. Haha yeah. Good thing it’s cheap. I use to have a rodi water filter when I had saltwater aquariums. I wish I still had that but for now I’ll have to deal. If distilled water is 7 ph. Do I have to use ph down on every water jug I give the plants? Soil ph is new to me.
  9. Well water for ya
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  10. Well when you add nutrients its probably gonna jump a bit .

    I use to get my water from the RO machines outside stores 5 gal at a time, the ppm is low and all i had to do is adjust the ph .
    Now my town has a store called the water stop
    1.50 5 gal
    Ppm 24
    Ph typically 8.9

    Soil ph , i check the run off after watering

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  11. That explains it
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  12. I typically pH to around 6.5 for watering soil medium.
    It's right in the middle of the range where everything is available.
    Things like phosphorous can become less available to the plant below 6 and above 7 for example.

    People have their preferences. Some don't even pH at all, and most likely wouldn't at 7. Organic guys often don't pH, the soil takes care of itself because of the microbe and fungal activity, the natural balance of their added amendments etc.
  13. That's the mark i like to hit also 6.5

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  14. I should add.
    Be sure to add your nutrients to your water before you pH anything. Some synthetic nutrients, and even by chance some organic stuff, tend to bring your pH right into a perfect spot so there's no need to do anything.
    If you pH before, and then add the nutes, suddenly your pH might be down at 5.0
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  15. I wanted to second this.....most everything else about growing is personal preference...and this is too...but I'd say 98% of growers would tell you this too
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  16. Thanks that’s some good info there. I’ll make sure to check ph after I add nutrients and adjust accordingly.
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  17. IMG_0075.JPG
    So it’s been a couple weeks and the plants are doing great. A couple are behind a little because I planted them after. I do have a slight issue of the leaves cupping or like curling up. I read it could be a heat issue and I got a fan over the canopy and a small fan blowing air inside the tent. My temp is around 79 on the soil. Humidity at like 40-50%.

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  18. IMG_0090.JPG IMG_0087.JPG IMG_0085.JPG
    Can anyone tell me if this plant is a female or male. Plant is around 17” tall now

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