First time grower struggling!

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  1. Hello people!

    Hope somebody might be able to give me some advice. I'm a first time grower, long time smoker. Finally decided to grow my own instead of constantly searching the black market for herbal distributors. I have some unknown seeds that I started and all was going well until I moved them into a tent.

    I bought a seahawk 2mx1mx1m tent and a cultiv8 600w hps. My problem is growing in the tent under the light. Plants grown outdoors or under cfls all grow beautiful with no problems but when I move my healthy plants into the tent they start to die within a week. At first they explode with new shoots/branches coming from everywhere. I get excited, think it looks good and its going to thicken out like crazy but the new growth is extremely thin compared to the other leaves, then the whole plant starts to wilt and curl and it stops growing. The leaves slowly shrivel up. I thought one plant wasn't going to survive so I put him outside in the freezing cold, three days later he's come back to life. I nurture him back to full health. He was lush and thick and I moved back into the tent. Same thing happened. Heaps of new growth within the first few days then it stops, the leaves shrink and he starts to die. I thought it might have been the temperature so I put two fans in and opened up all the openings to allow cool air in, still my plant looks like he's on his last legs/roots. The leaves are dark green but they are limp and shrivelled and weak. He is not the happy healthy plant he used to be :(

    Out of the six seeds I sowed only one plant is still alive.

    I never wanted to grow because I thought it was too difficult. I didn't want to worry about temp, ph, humidity, and all that jazz. But I was convinced that it's a weed and can grow anywhere and all I needed was a light and some dirt so that's what I got and can't grow shit :( and it's not me, I have a flourishing veggie garden just can't seem to grow cannabis under a 600w light.

    I know this was a bit of a rant and lacking in details but any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Unknown strain
    High quality potting mix
    600w hps
    Watered every three days

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  2. How far do you have the lights from the plant?

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    Sounds like temperature problems, 600W HPS can get very hot.

    A fan will only circulate air around the area, It will not cool the air.
    In my opinion a cooling tube or hood is a must with 600w+ MH/HPS

    Invest in a Thermometer for around £10 ( Temp + Humidity )

    Some Pictures would be great :)
  4. As high as possible, the light is roughly 60/70cm away from the tops of the plant

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  5. Thank you so much for your reply. I think you are headed in the right direction. It gets insanely hot in there and since adding the fans the bottom of my plant is looking just as bad as the top. Before I added the fans a few of the bottom leaves were unaffected.
    So it would seem my way of wanting to keep everything to a bare minimum isn't going to work and I'm going to have to invest in some kind of hood/cooling for this hot 600w :(

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  6. Hps is one of the strongest, hottest lights available. Double check recommend distance from plant according to maker. Maybe start off farther away then recommended and move closer. PH testing is also going to be a must. Improper PH will not allow the plants to use whatever nutrients are in the soil. Temp should be around 70-80degrees F for the most part and humidity is great for seedlings (can buy a small humidity dome) but can cause issues like mold later on in plant life. Seedlings to veg, I believe they said 40-80% humidity is cool. Another necessity is plant foods. The plant will finish the nutrients in the soil and will depend on you for more. Think about this little seed turning into this beautiful plant. Takes a lot of energy and all of it isn't already in the soil... No additional nutes , no healthy growth. And it's possible you could have overwatered also. People recommend letting the soil completely dry out between waterings. Ideally they say you want the plant roots to "stretch in search of water".

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  7. Very small LED and CFL set ups can be done without serious ventilation if you done right but I think it's safe to say just about every indoor lighting method needs at least a small fan.

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  8. I was trying to do the same thing. You need to get the whole setup tuned in. Spend a few extra dollars. You are going to need to buy an exhaust fan to suck out the hot air from the top of the tent. Also, you will need a fan sucking air into the tent. If your soil is too hot your roots won't be able to suck up the proper nutes. It really sounds like a temperature problem. You might want to check out LED lights too.
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  9. Thanks for your reply, all great info. I was worried I was supplying too much food. They are growing in a mix of chicken poop, seaweed, compost, and potting mix. I water only when the soil is bone dry and every second watering add seasol and npk... I started doing this as my first plants were in simple potting mix and I was getting nitrogen def plants. I think my current problem is temp. Running a 600w in a small tent with no hood or cooling whatsoever.

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  10. Thank you. I think you are spot on and that's exactly what needs to be done. I need to suck the hot air out and pump cool air in. The soil is hot to touch, the plant is hot to touch. I'm actually surprised it's not burning it's so hot in there. I obviously ain't getting out of purchasing all the other equipment I'm missing. The tent I have has four openings for exhaust fans so obviously they are needed. I was looking for a led setup to begin with but couldn't find anything that wasn't online and being a noobie I needed to ask some questions so the only setups on offer was a Hps lamp at either 400w 600w or 1000w went with the 600w and bought a tent to stick it in. I believe if I didn't have the tent and it was just a light in the middle of a room I wouldn't be struggling. It's like a sauna in that bloody thing! So off to buy a couple of exhaust fans.

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  11. image.jpg Can someone tell me what the problem is here?!? I don't know what happened she looked great now this..
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    When i first set up my grow space i underestimated the heat / power of these High Power lights, I had isses with heat due to no cooling -- temps hit 35 C (95+F) on a 400 Watt HPS setting ---
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    Looks a little overfed or overwatered, Does your container have proper drainage ?
    I would cut back on nutrients and stop feeding her nitrogen , looks like she has too much.

    Gold / brown spots can be due to spraying the plant and the plant getting burnt by the water magnifying the light.
  14. I haven't added any nitrienents...but I was told the soil I use can burn the seedlings a little because it's very strong.i use fox farm ocean forest. I water with a spray bottle and I have watered the leaves the last 2 waterings.
  15. Okay That's good, Keep feeding her plain water, I sometimes spray my plant to cool her n the grow room down --
    But In your current situation i would recomend you do not spray her leafs while the temps are soo high.

    Getting your Temperature under control (25 - 30C ) should be your main goal, once this is under control your plant will be much happier and focus on growing.. Its easy to burn seedlings due to 'hot' soil but so long as your growing environment is good the plant will grow up and like the 'hot' soil :)
  16. Should I water at night??
  17. I had a seedling damp out on me from fox farm OF so be careful. It's best if you mix it with happy frog for seedlings.

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  18. I can't see the picture so idk how big it is, but when my seedlings needed water close to night time I would use a spray bottle and get the top of the soil nice and moist

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  19. Water the soil / roots at any time. Try avoid spraying the leafs when the light is on :biggrin:
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  20. Okay great thanks I'll give an update in a few days! You guys have been a huge help.. do you think it could be pests though? I haven't seen any but I haven't used any bug stuff either...just a thought

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