First time grower (SLH)

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  1. Any tips, are they doing okay. I started them in late may and i use organic seaweed fertilizer.
    Its mostly super lemon haze but i have BLT, the doc, Jamaican dream, TNT kush and monster. Theres 9 in total


    The Great

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  2. Additional info:
    Sativas are in 5 gals
    Indicas in 3 gals
    1 super lemon haze in ground
    16 gals of fertilized water once a week( it rains alot too)
    How much money could i make retail from them at the rate the growing?
    Greenland pro mix soil (humus,peat,compost,perilite and potting soil)
    And i put 3mm of worm castings and mixed it in with top layer of soil
  3. looking good

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