First time grower, seeking knowledge about starting seeds organicly

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  1. For soil I picked up ProMix, bat guano, and worm castings. Wondering how much of each to add or if I should even use all of these for planting germinated seeds in.

    Also for feeding I'm not sure what the pH should be and when I should start adding nutrients for this type of soil mix. I picked up General Organics BioThrive Grow, CaMg+ and Floralicious Plus.

    I am using Reverse Osmosis water with 0 ppm.
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    So you want to grow organically? Go to the organics section of the forum and return your bottles to the store.

    Making your own soil will reward you. Find a quality compost. And all you do is add water.

    1/3 pro mix
    1/3 compost/worm castings
    1/3 aeration (promix already has some)

    Thats the base most around here use. Amendments like the bat guano you have can be used. Top amendments to have would have to be kelp and neem meal. Good luck and get reading.

    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
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  3. I forgot to mention I am growing indoors, does this change things at all? Thanks for the help
  4. Not at all. This is all aimed towards indoor gardening, but certainly can be applied outdoors.
  5. Awesome. One last thing. my RO water comes in at a 6.0 does that need to be adjusted?
  6. Unless you have some really bad water you may not need to RO.

    We don't use ph meters in organics. A living soil will figure it out right from the tap. My city water contains some chlorine/chloramine. Never worried about it.
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  7. I used RO/DI when I started but quickly switched to just RO with cal mag. The RO/DI did not make the plants happy. My tap water is really hard so I think it is beneficial to use RO but I have not tried straight tap yet.

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  8. I have a RO/DI system I am using. Should I not use the DI filter? Also have cal mag but not sure if I need to use on seedlings
  9. Cal Mag is a man made synthetic. NON ORGANIC
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  10. Yo Lanchild :) how goes it?

    Buddy Jackstraw got it right.... Take the bottles back to the store

    Swing by the organic section and never go back to the hydro store. Wait til you figure out you can have the absolute best for less than the shit they selling.

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