First Time Grower, Questions, Growbox, Etc

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    Hi all,

    As the title states, I'm a first time grower. I have done hours upon hours of reading on different forums, sites, watched videos, ect. I have seen many, many different ways of doing this. I honestly haven't grown many plants outside of what I'm trying to achieve now as well, so its all a new learning experience.
    I plan on doing indoor growing, with feminized seeds, I actually just took the 8 seeds (all feminized) out of the wet paper towel/ziploc bags yesterday & have moved them each into small cups.
    I went with Pro Mix, Premium Organic mix soil that I bought from Walmart. My original plan was to transplant them into 5 gallon buckets for outdoor, but I have since changed my mind to indoor. I purchased a thermometer, a soil ph tester, & the General Hydroponics Organics GO BOX Starter Nutrient Kit.

    Here's where my questions come in. I realize I should have done this way before I got started, so now I'm in a time crunch.
    As I stated, I have done a ton of research, but it seems to kind of all differ some, which I completely understand. Firstly, I'm looking for a sort of small grow box, I have about 4 feet of height to work with & unlimited width per say. What does everyone recommend I get? I would prefer a kit with a light set up, but I can buy separately too.
    I was also going to transplant into 5 gallon buckets for outdoor growing, seeing as though I'm doing indoor now, what does everyone recommend? Just a standard flower pot?

    I also would like some tips on the nutrients, ect. I understand somewhat the ph level & everything, but I would like some great understanding on that as well.

    Sorry for all the noob questions, I look forward to the advice & learning how to really harvest a good plant.

    Thank You All In Advance!

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