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  1. Hey, so this is my first grow. I germinated my seed in a ziplock bag with paper towels in a warm and dark place. After like 2 days when the root was 1/4 inch long (the reason I didn't wait longer is bc my friend told me it's good enough...) I planted it straight into a 5 gallon bucket (with some marbles and a hole at the bottom of it). I planted it 1/2 inch into the soil, moistened the soil and put two Hydrospikes. It's been 4 days and I'm not seeing any sign of it sprouting... Where I am right now it usually a high of 65 but usually sunny, at nights it drops down to mid 40's... also the plant isn't directly in sun during the day.
    So... How long do u think it might take for my plant to sprout?
    Do u think it will even sprout in these conditions?
    Should I try to move it to sun asap, or is it good for now?
    (If not^) What stage is sun critical?
    Any tips/ advice?
    Thanks guys..!
  2. I don't know a lot about growing but there are some pretty detailed grow guides in the growing section of GC forums, I'd check there.
  3. Once it's broken ground it needs light but first couple weeks not much light is required (some people use cfl bulbs for this early stage). But as it grows it's energy requirements increase so it needs more light than indirect sunlight, it's not a reg house plant. Temp wise, at 50-55* ambient temp cannabis will go dormant and not grow, it'll wait until it gets warmer to start growing again so 65 during the day ok though growth may slow a little, if it's in 40s at night it won't thrive and grow.
  4. So I looked at it today and it sprouted out of the ground a little less than a 1/4 of an inch into a curled "stem"...
    Is that supposed to be how it's coming out?
    And any advice on what to do now?
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    That's normal.  It will pop it's head out shortly and the seed leaves will open.

  6. Hey guys, so I go to check on my plant today and it's like this...
    I put some moist dirt under the part that's laying down to pick it up a little.
    Has anyone had this problem before? And did I do the right thing?
  7. I think you need to hold it upright and bury that whole thing up to just below the Cotyledon leaves (first set of bottom leaves). I've never seen a seedling do that. What kind of soil are you using?
  8. So my (outdoor) plant has been growing for around 2 months and it's been growing slow but (looked) healthy, 1 problem with it was that the stem isn't strong so it's been slanting over, so i put some toothpicks to hold it till it can hold itself. This past week it rained a lot and when I checked on it, it looked dead. All the top leafs have holes or brown dots on them, but all the bottom leafs still look healthy. The plant actually still smells like bud :) I just want to know if there is still a chance it will grow bud. And what I should do

    This is it
  9. Dude that thing is tiny .. Bugs are eating it up . it needs nutes now .. At least give it some MG or something. . how much sunlight a day is it getting. You also need to stake it up with maybe a pencil or something. Not a tooth pick. Just trying to help . you get what your willing to put in . I'm here to help. One more thing you need good soil so if your growing in the ground you need to dig it up and dig a big hole and fill out that hole up with some bag soil ...promix.or something lime that

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    My seedlings have stopped growing and the leaves are turning yellow. Can anyone help me . image.jpg
  11. How big are they

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  12. Got pics

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  13. What kinda soil lights etc.. Are you using . how much are you watering

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  14. They don't need a lot of water . I hardly ever water .

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  15. They are a about 3 inch high strawberry haze and amnesia haze from attitude seeds
  16. Ok what kind of soil are you growing in and how often are you watering ????????

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  17. Dude I'm trying to fucking help you why are you asking for help and not answering my questions and then posting on other peoples posts . not cool

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