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  1. Hey this is my first time growing, the plant was started from seed in may and has been grown on a combination of weak miracle gro and shultz's. Here are some pics, please give me some feedback on the condition of the plant and how close they are to havest... thanks :smoking:

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  2. Are the tricholms amber yet?? Thats when you harvest, but its lookin damn good my friend
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    Looks grrrreat. They probly have a little time left but its getting there. Use a good magnifier to look at the sticky crystal looking stuff. look from the side and see if the heads on them are clear. If theyre mostly clear, let them grow. Good luck!
  4. nice looking plant man, it forming some nice resin.

    check the trichomes tho for the ambder in them
    i prefer to harvest when its more cloudy then anmber
    like 70% cloudy
    30% amber
  5. thanks for the feedback! it was a bagseed of cincinnati star x lemon-g13, I call it lemon star :rolleyes:, where exactly should I be looking for the amber trich's. I could point out a trichome on a dried bud no problem, but I have a hard time seeing any on this girl, I suppose that must mean they are still clear. i don't plan on harvesting until frost forces me to, but some lazy sack of shit came like a thief in the night and clipped three branches off her about a week ago. probably got a half oz. of not yet mature, what a jackass. :mad:
  6. loolks good, i would trim some of those big leaves off so its not taking all the good stuff from the buds. looks good though

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