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  1. Hi everyone I got some seeds from mexico and its been probably over a month since I started growing. I water it a little every 2 days and kept it on a 18/6 cycle and now I'm changing it to a 24 hour cycle because its still in its vegetative stage. I know at least one of my plants is sick. I haven't added any nutrients do i need to? I use tap faucet water to water it. I appreciate any and all help I can get. Thank you.

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  2. Whew... Where to start...

    What kind of soil did you use? If it's organic, and there's no nutrients in there, then yes, you need nutrients. What would your plant survive on without them?

    As for the tap water, that's not a good idea. Get bottled at the least. It's purified. Without knowing the pH of your water, you're going to have issues with salt. The soil will turn too alkaline or too acidic.

    Pictures... They'll help.
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  3. Over a month old, you haven't fed them anything, and they're beginning to show deficiencies. I'm guessing they're in some kind of organic soil?

    Bottled nutrients and granular organics both involve a lot of work. Doesn't seem so at first, but you'll see. Bust your ass once a month with organics, or dick around with bottled nutes, ph meters, solutions, and shop-vaccing runoff every couple of days. Work is work.

    Personally, I feel that organics gives me the most bang for my buck. Love being able to just dump water into my pots and get back to the rest of my responsibilities. Set and forget.

    The best approach really depends on your lifestyle and budget. There's more than one way to skin a cat, think you'll get better answers if you can give more details on your setup, budget, and expectations.
  4. I want to make this grow the biggest it can be. I just got dyna gro foliage pro 8oz. How much of these nutrients should I put into the plants and how often? Yes the soil is organic with crushed perlite in it. Its standard potting soil but it has a few wood chips in there which I know is bad. These are the pictures of my plants so far.
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  5. There should be instructions on the bottle. I'd give you my opinion but it sounds like you know what you're doing.
  6. There's a lot of chlorine and other chemicals in tap water try using distilled water. If you're using Fox Farm soil only use water if you're using Coco choir or anything soilless definitely need nutrients by now. You will need to add Cal Mag to distilled water because it has zero PPM.
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