First time grower - Opinion on plant?

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  1. First-time grower, I was wondering if this little guy looked healthy or not?
    Grown from bagseed.
    1000w Full Spec - Red (620-630nm ,655-660nm)
    Blue (440-450nm, 450-460nm)
    Orange (605-610nm)
    White (300K-6500K)
    According to the listing I purchased it off of.
    Currently using Fish Emulsion 5-1-1 Alaska.
    Had a few Aphids on it, purchased Neem oil I haven't used it yet as I haven't seen anymore since I crushed em.
    Using tap-water as well, haven't gotten a pH meter yet but I've done some research on my local tap water and it supposedly ranges from 5.4 and 7.2 pH.

    Around 2ish weeks now, was using a 45w for the first week or so and it was fairly weak, I upgraded to a 1000w about 4-5ish days ago and my plant has seemed to like it.

    I can try and get a better photo if needed. :love-mj2:

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  2. Natural light if needed, suns bout to go down tho.

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  3. What soil are you using?

    I wouldn’t feed such a young one but that’s just me. She looks nute burnt
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  4. P.S.
    Don’t say LITTLE GUY lol
  5. Haha, I hope it's a female, unknown gender rn. Will stop feeding for now.
    I used these two soils together. Thanks for for the advice about feeding.

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  6. Oh yeah definitely that Scott’s will have some food in it.
    I’m organic and I never feed. That’s just me though I don’t know your plans.
    Looks like a nice indica
  7. Yeah, I was just reading up on Scott's and saw some bad things about it. I will definitely stop feeding for now. I am only using organic ferts and have Neem oil if needed.
    I was wondering if you know a brand/product for measuring soil pH?
    Hopefully, it is an Indica, I medicate for pain and insomnia.
    Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.
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  8. I’m sorry I do not. I use Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil and you don’t have to mess with ph, which is great bc mine is high as I have a well.
    No problem
    I understand pain :passtheshit:
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  9. Thanks, I'll look into Foxfarm Ocean Forest. I have never done a transplant but if worse comes to worst I'll try transplanting it.
    Again thanks so much for your time, happy tokin. :love-m3j:
  10. No problem, you shoulda seen my first plants smh I did have to transplant them lol
    Enjoy and try not to sweat it...

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