First-time grower. One of my plant's branches has leaves that are curling/drying out

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    Hi, I'm a first-time grower. A friend of mine gave me some seeds and I started a little garden in the backyard. I have 5 plants, they're all about 6+ feet tall now. They're all healthy and green, except for one.

    The problem plant has only one branch that is showing major signs of damage. A few leaves on the other branches are a little curled, but for the most part they are fine. The rest of the branches on the plant are perfectly healthy. The branch that has the most issues has leaves that are curling, folding, and becoming very crisp to the touch.

    Here's a quick list of details about how I'm growing them:
    - outdoors
    - soil (Miracle Grow, I used this before reading that it's best to use a soil without nutrients in it. At least I know for next time.)
    - sativa, don't know the specific strain though. The seeds came from a friend.
    - they are about 5 months old, maybe 6. They range between the shortest plant being a little over 5 feet and the tallest being around 7 feet.
    - I live in Cali, so they've been getting intense sun every day.
    - I water once a day, in the morning around 9 or 10.
    - they've had some bug problems, mostly grasshoppers. I've been using an organic bug spray.

    I made a little video with text that shows the problem:
  2. The problem seems to be getting worse. It's spreading throughout the entire plant. Most of the plant is still green, but health is declining rapidly. I fear that if I don't figure out what to do soon, the whole plant will die.
    The rest of my plants are fine, so I'm not sure what is happening to this one. :(

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