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  1. Howdy, first time grower here. On a whim I thought I would see what happens if I planted a seed, so I did and it started growing. I had it sitting by a window not really thinking it would do much but it started growing, however it grew very tall right away, I later learned it was not getting enough light, so I ran to the hardware store and bought a grow light and it has been growing good since.

    It's now 98 days old and I have just started cutting back the lights from 24 hours to 18.
    Here are the results so far.

    Can some identify what the little tips are in the circled picture?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I realize that you did it on a whim, so I'll be gentle. It's obvious by the stretched and spindly plant that you don't have enough light to grow a plant that size, and your yield won't be worth the time you've invested. If you plan on growing again and it isn't on a whim, I suggest better lighting, training, and research on before you plant your next seed. I wish you luck and welcome to GC. :)

    The things you circled are called stipules - nothing to do with sex - they're at the base of every branch.
  3. Thanks Mick! Yes, it was just to see if I could even get one to grow.
    I'm not real concerned about the yield, just been interesting to watch it and if I do get a little from it then cool. If not no biggie.
    Hell, I don't know if it's a male or female yet!
    Thanks again for your help!
  4. the lower node almost looks like there is a pistil there but can’t definitey ascertain.

    I’ll throw female juju your way ;)
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