First time grower of Zkittlez. How long left

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  1. It's gone pretty smoothly up to this point. Apart from the other day when I made the stupid mistake of putting up an extra light. On what turned out to be like the hottest day for decades. I nearly lost one plant and dried out quite a bit of a couple too. Everything is back under control now, but I'm wondering if I will have either temporarily stopped growth, while they recover from the heat stress. Or worse still, killed off growth all together.

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  2. I've seen plants come back from worse heat damage. I'd imagine they will be fine, but that's just off the information given. You gotta give the whole rundown: How hot did it get? Feeding? Lights... The whole 9. Zkittles is an auto right?
  3. Feed it some seaweed/kelp extract for the stress
  4. So I foolishly thought I saw an opportunity to increase my yield. Without giving a second thought to the temp (I know just how ridiculously stupid it sounds, but hey-ho it's how it happened and lesson learnt). 24 hours later I went back up there literally minutes after the timer had just clocked on that day, so didn't notice anything. On returning from work I went up to find the ladder acting as a radiator and was almost unbearable to touch. I then realized what I'd done and went into emergency mode, desperately trying to reduce the temp, which when I eventually took it was up to 39 degrees Celsius. I assume that cos of the extreme hot weather that day my fans just couldn't get any cool air from anywhere, so I had a runaway heat problem. Once I got the temp down to like 33/34 I gave them lots of water and no feed (having read that's the best thing to do after they've been thru a trauma). I also read, after 24 hour of only water, do 24 giving them nothing at all, then go back to my usual routine.
    They all survived, but I'm just worried about them not growing fully after that, and maybe even slowly dying off. It being so very close to the end, I feel terrible as there's absolutely no room for errors, it's make or break time now. I'm so f'ing angry with myself for doing it, it was all going really well.
    I'm ashamed to tell you that I don't have a clue what "it being an auto" means.
    So I'm back to 4 lights over 8 plants 6 week 3 days into flower. I water and feed every other day, and I'm using bloom newt and pk45 boost.
  5. I'd be more than happy to try this out Sir. But unfortunately I wouldn't even know where to begin to source seaweed from.
  6. The beach lol! Ok maybe you live in some land locked country. Try local garden centre for kelp meal or bottled seaweed/kelp. Make your own kelp tea.
  7. Thanks man! An I wasn't trying to be clever. An yes I do live quite a ways from the sea. But I'm gonna look see if its available in my area.
    Would you say it's only for recovering plants? Or can it be used any time.

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  8. If its a photo period plant, meaning you had to change the light schedule in order to start flowering, then you really don't have much to worry about as far as recovery time. If its an autoflower plant, meaning you didn't have to change your light schedule to induce flowering, well recovery time is an issue. Where ever you got the seed from will have this information for you

    Grofo Grows Autos&Photos w/288v2 260w kit
  9. I hope I'm getting you right. But yeah I defo had to change them from 22/24 hours of light a day in the vegging stage, to 12/12 hours a day, in order to get the flowering stage started.
    I can tell you that I'm extremely relieved to hear that, this should mean that my girls are gonna be alright, and will fully recover. Believe it or not, it makes a hell of a lot of difference hearing it from someone who knows what they're on about. An I've had nothing but positive, helpful feedback from on here.
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  10. I run my lights at night to avoid heat issues
  11. Yeah! Rookie mistake on my part.
    You've probably already noticed that I'm a complete beginner. So every little mistake, misjudgment or lesson learnt, is just a bonus, this time around.
  12. I’m not knocking ya man just lettin ya know. It’s cheaper to run your lights from 7pm to 7am as well some old law with the electric company from back in the day.
  13. Sorry but I'm not following you when you say "some old law with the lecky company". That don't mean that I should expect trouble from them does it? Cos at the mo' I've got an excellent "arrangement" with the lecky company.
    Other than that I am very happy with the progress my girls are making, and eagerly look forward to seeing what they finally do for their daddy. Who has lovingly, methodically and tenderly raised them up from the tiniest, skinny little shoots. Into these big fat greedy bitches. Ha!
  14. Can be used anytime. I use kelp meal as an amendment but I also use it as a soil drench/foliar spray for when my plants are younger. It's good stuff but overpriced unless you live by the sea.

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