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  1. i'm sure you guys are sick of seeing the topic but i really do need some guidance so here is quick outline so far

    -t5 light ( silver tip bulbs )
    - grow tent
    - 5 clones to start and then added 1 more a week later
    - i use the fox farm soil
    - sensi grow a and b was added on 4th week
    - i put my clones in #3 smart pots then transplanted to 5 gallon pots

    now this has been my first time doing any type of growing at all so plz bare with me
    here is where i am kind of stuck

    - i do know that i need a hps light set up for flowering which i am buying this week
    - i bought a temp thing from walmart to watch my humdity
    - bought another tent but realized tents are not that good so i opened them up

    problems i am having is the yellowing on leaves that basically crumble
    and i'm using the sensi nutr. i mix part a in a gallon of water then add another gallon then mix in sensi part b .this is the same formula i was using with the 3 gallon pots so i would divide the 2 gallons into 6 jugs and then feed the plants every other day.i'm still only doing that with the 5 gallon pots now so do i need to increase the amount that i am feeding/ watering the plants?
    if so by how much ? to be honest i know i should increase the amount but i dont know by how much because someone said the yellow leaves are from over feeding them , so .......
  2. Any pics to further our investigation chief?
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    Yellow leaves can be from over feeding or under feeding :(

    Any other problems other than just yellow leaves? Droopyness? Curling?
    Spotting? Brown spots?

    I would think with feeding it every watering if anything it would be over feeding.
    How far along are the clones?
  4. curling yes and working on pics right now , waiting for wife to give me cord to transfer from camera :) , also when i transplanted them from the #3 smart pots to the 5 gallon pots
    i didnt water / feed them for 3 days because someone told me its better to transplant them when dry , not sure how true that is because the plants got bad , alot of the bottom ones dried up and died .and thats about when the yellow spotting started . if my wife would hurry up lol .......

  5. Hi Cropstar, when you say you transplanted dry, did you water them in after you transplanted? It is good to let them dry a bit before but then you water till you get runoff. that way they are not stressed from being wet too long. Thats how do mine and seldom have any shock. Those pics will tell the tale.

  6. i did water them right after transplant and i use to mist them with a spray bottle but i havent in the past couple of days because i'm not sure if misting them is good or bad
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    They look nice bro. did you spill some fertilizer on those leaves? Fertilizer burn usually starts right at the tip of the leaf and yours look good.

  8. ok i will give that a shot

  9. Did you mist with the lights on? That can burn em like that for sure.

  10. i didnt spill anything on them , however i do use tap water when i was misting them . people say tap water is bad but i dont know
  11. yea i was misting them with the lights on

  12. Look at the pics here I think you may figure this out.

    Marijuana Plant Abuse

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    thanks marvajuana , very helpful , i think i was putting myself into shock also lol

    or putting myself in panic mode :)

  14. Hey cropstar, If I think something is wrong with my girls I get excited too:D


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