First time grower needs input on health status of plant

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I am an inexperienced grower and this is my first real attempt at growing.
    I currently only have one plant. It is a month and a day old.
    I am using CFL's, 1x6500k 14w, 1x5000k 14w, and 2x2700k 14w.
    I have bought a couple 23w 2700k bulbs but am currently not using them.
    I know from everything I have read that this is not enough light per watts, but I plan to add more during flowering. (If I get there, lol.)
    The soil I used was 3/4 Earthgro Organic Humus Manure(I believe the bag said 0.5-0.5-0.5) and 1/3 Miracle Grow. The reason for the miracle grow being I didn't plan on buying nutrients for this, however I would if it was needed.

    For me this grow is more about gaining valuable knowledge and experience.
    If I make it to harvest I will be thrilled, but if something goes wrong I wouldn't be totally disappointed as long as I have learned something!

    It has been through a lot and I'm honestly surprised it's alive lol.

    I have noticed the bottom leaves yellowing with brown tips and other weird things. My inexperienced guess would be maybe nutrient deficiency.

    Hoping somebody can point me in the right direction!! Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    (P.S. I hope the pictures uploaded and everyone can see them, I had no idea how to upload pics for viewers!)
  2. IMG_20160509_201435_082.jpg IMG_20160509_201449_045.jpg IMG_20160509_202333_622.jpg IMG_20160509_201435_082.jpg IMG_20160509_201449_045.jpg IMG_20160509_202333_622.jpg IMG_20160509_202347_891.jpg IMG_20160509_201435_082.jpg IMG_20160509_201449_045.jpg IMG_20160509_202333_622.jpg IMG_20160509_202347_891.jpg IMG_20160509_201435_082.jpg IMG_20160509_201449_045.jpg IMG_20160509_202333_622.jpg IMG_20160509_202347_891.jpg IMG_20160509_202401_540.jpg IMG_20160509_202410_065.jpg IMG_20160509_202455_259.jpg IMG_20160509_202439_980.jpg

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  3. Really sorry about the sloppy pictures and uploading, I have no idea how to properly upload pics :p
    Also forgot to mention some of the stems are purplish/reddish.
  4. Nute burn on the older growth I think and the new growth looks fine it's caused by the miracle grow cheap soil. nice looking plant overall considering soil and lighting your using

    The purple stems could be magnesium defiency are adjusting the ph of your water I wouldn't be adding nutes to that little thing I just started nutes last week and my plant is only a week older then yours and four times the size

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  5. I really appreciate the reply! I do PH tests, it's usually 6.8 to 7.2.
    I have made mistakes already like overwatering and such but I've gotten much better at that.
    I do have a small reflector which probably helps with the lighting.
    I do regret not actually using better soil. I just went over to my grandmas and borrowed whatever she had on hand. (LOL)
    I will definitely invest in FFOF or Happy Frog the next go round.

    I am surprised that only a little bit of miracle grow could cause nute burn.

    Do people usually cut those parts off the leaves? I have seen tons of pics with leaves cut and I've always wondered why.
  6. I don't take squat off of my plant unless it's touching the dirt I'm a believer that the plant grows all of them fan leaves for something I always yield more when I leave it alone I used crap soil my first grow also most do and your ph needs to be 6.3-6.8 for soil magnesium is locked out above 7.0 ph you got plenty of Nutes in that miracle grow

    Sorry pretty stoned so my answers are ramblings really

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  7. Thanks a lot. She's definitely a trooper lol I'll work on getting that PH down.
    I forgot to mention it's just a random bag seed. I have a ton saved up. So I'm most definitely not out any seeds for experimenting.
  8. I got some great weed off of my bag seeds in the beginning way better then what they came in you'll be surprised nothing like what I grow today but way better then the weed I bought

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  9. Im a first time grower also. Running into problems. I have recently added nutes and the lower growth became britlle yellow with brown tips i stripped all the burnt leaves and now its been about a week and they just dont look good. My other plants look ok but berry bomb and exodus cheese look rough. Any help.
  10. Pics

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  11. About 1 month old i ran into the same problem you did last week. Witg burnt tips yellowing leaves i stripped the dying leaves off and now they look so stripped and stunted i dont know what to do. If i have too much nutes or if i am over feeding them im still feeding with nutes and they arent becoming brittle still. Or no more yellowing
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    Your gonna have to use them 23 watt bulbs real soon! If you want something to smoke. They look fine except the little bit of burn. You could go to your local hardware store Home Depot or Lowe's and pick up adapters so he could fit two CFL's into one socket there two-way adapters I would get like 5 or 10 of them there a dollar apiece! You could add as many as you want. the more light the more bud! Keep your CFLs at least 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches away from top of your plant right now they could be 3 1/2 inches but as they get older you're going to have to put them closer! Here's some pics when I started with Cfl's. You'll learn, try to use the sides of the CFL instead of the bottoms the sides off the CFL give the plant a better spectrum, but if you don't add more light soon, it will lead to problems! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Good Luck

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  13. It depends on what kind of medium your using. Add the nutes liquid or dry? Any pictures?

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  14. I started growing with miracle grow nature's choice compost cuz i had it left over from house activities. Today i transplanted everything into the yellow miracle grow soil with 1/3 perlite mix. Hoping they all perc up.

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