first time grower needs help with sex, inc pics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jbhonda04, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. hi everyone, can anyone tell me if my plant is a male or a female, its been flowring for just over two weeks now and I'm getting a little nervous that it might be a male. I've done some research about this, but I'd like to know what you all think before I kill it!!! Is it still too early to tell??

    thanks a bunch

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  2. any ideas??

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  3. different side, sorry this ones a little out of focus

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  4. HIGH All, hard to tell...wait another few days and you should see signs of sex.

    What's with the broken branch's?
  5. thought so, had a little accident with the branch and it snapped:( now its starting to produce new leaves, does that mean its still in veg? should it be producing new leave once its started flowering?
  6. Hi all..

    Yep my understanding is that these plants can suffer from stress thus effecting growth rates and so on, so maybe it will take longer to show its sex because of the damage, should pull through thats why its called weed, keep with it and post another pic in another week or two! might be able to help then.

    ps. when i started posting threads about sex most people said that you will be able to tell easy when the time is right, they to were right its quite obvious when those hairs start to pop up everywere.
  7. What wattew said...after a few grows this will not be an issue. Give it some time and even YOU will be able to tell the keepere from the choppers!

  8. i find a tripod and a timer helps a lot. videos are better though ;)
  9. thanks all, he's a couple more pic's a few days later on then the the first ones. I'm pretty sure that shes a girl now, since the last photos a lot of little thin white hairs have started to appear from the center of the grow tips. Just able to see them in one of the pics, not showing up too well as there just too tiny for my cam. This is a good sign though right!!! man i hope so. in the second pic you'll see 2 bud looking things at the nodes?? thats not sign of a male is it. Do males still produce those little white hairs, or is that females only, if so I'm in the clear.

    PS highgirly, thanks for the offer....anytime, your place or mine:)

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  10. heres the second, showing the bud things

    good or bad??

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  11. Hi all..

    Yep 1st pic female 2nd pic male, thats what i think, anyone else agree?

  12. yeah i'll agree with that, from what i can see.........Peace out.......Sid
  13. errr, now i'm really confused guys, its the same plant. Both pic are of the same plant!!!!
  14. Hi all..

    Well sorry about that then, now im totally confused, 1st pic looks to be showing hair were as second pic seems to show more of the male pod balls, well this is were i call upon those experienced growers any help here please.
  15. so i guess my main question that I haven't been able to find the answer to is, do male plants produce the little white pistils hairy things, cos this plant has a lot of those and I was under the impression that only females produced those.

    any idea?
  16. it's allways hard to tell from pics, they need to be really clear to tell early on........the first pic, the circled bit look like a pistol or 2, but it's hard to tell........

    the second pic......looks like a male, but i could be wrong, just wait a while longer till it becomes really obvious........Peace out.........Sid

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  17. .....pic 2

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  18. only time will tell, but you can get hermie plants, that are both male and female.......Peace out.......Sid
  19. thanks for the info sid, if its a hermie what should I do,

    should I continue to flower as if its a female, will it give good bud? I have some other plants in veg, will it pollinate them to males??

  20. no pollen will turn a female into a male plant... females will be females, and when a female is pollenated, it produce seeds..

    if they are hermies, u will want to take them out to a yard, woods, other room, and let them flower a lil longer, and then make hash..... Hermies are good to make hash, since most growers dont want to waste time smokeing home grown stash with a shit load of seeds. turn it into canna butter, honey hash, or solid hash...

    if touching hermies that been flowering for some time, make sure u change your cloth, watch your hand, and the tools u use befor working on females....

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