first time grower needs help (is this space enough?)

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  1. hello guys i'm a new grower who want to try things out
    here is the cabinet i made it's (4' x 1.3' x 1.3') or ( 120 cm x 40cm x 40 cm)
    height left for the plant is around 2' (60cm) without the pot
    i know it's a bit small but that's the room i have :(
    i'm using 6 CFL lamps (2*80w)(2*35w) (1*65w) all 6500k and one 40w UV CFL i'll be using them for veg and flowering
    i'm using 6*PC fans with a air flow from right to left
    it's wrapped in foil
    here's a photo

    temp is around 30-31 c while on and 26 while off
    is the lights i'm using are over kill ?
    is the 5 gallon pot i'm using too big ?is the cabinet too small ?
    i've ordered 4 types of seeds and only one is going in there
    sativa (utopia haze)
    hybrid (kaya 47)
    hybrid (white widow)
    indica (blueberry )
    all fem
    which one should be in there ?
  2. You should consider some autos. Some strains are very short.
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    Your setup looks good. You obviously put some thought and effort into it. You have 335 watts of CFL in 1.7 square feet. It's way too many watts of inefficient lighting. Those higher watt CFL's are roughly 50 lumens per watt. Even with all that wattage you're probably only about 16,000 lumens. All those bulbs are going to make a lot of heat in that box.

    Get an led. It's the only way to micro grow IMO. I just built two new veg lights in 4k. The parts I used would be perfect for that size setup. It would make almost the same amount of light with 60 watts. The whole light was about $65 with shipping.
    QB120 Quantum Board

    If you don't have the patience for that there's always the mars300 or viparspectra. I would rather have those then the CFL's. They probably would have been cheaper then sourcing all those bulbs.

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    I would never attempt a cabinet that small. IMO you need at least 6ft of headroom. 2.5x2.5 is minimum width I would want to work with. 3x3 would be better. You can grow a pound in a 3x3. If that's what you have to use then bud them early.
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  5. but the LED's need vertical space (which i don't have) :(if you reccoment me to buy them
    how many watts should i get ?
    i can only buy from ebay
  6. i know it's small but that's what i can do :\
    will it be no good ?
    or the yield too small
    i'm good with having around 50-75g is that possible if i took good care ?
  7. Don't know you're situation, but why are you only limited to that space?
  8. Your setup is nice ,small but shit you gotta start some where ,I d use a smaller pot. I grow monsters in 3 gallon pots ,also you could always use smaller pots and just grow more plants not sure if your worried about weight or just trying to get a little smoke for yourself but there s some ways to get a decent yield in a small space.I ll send you the article when I find it ,.Blueberry is a great strain one of my favorites ..
  9. Foil? Bad
    Mylar, good.
  10. it's in my room and i'm a collage student
    i don't want it to be noticed :\
    but if it was very bad i'll try to make a new one
  11. so should i buy 3 gallon pot ?
    but isn't blueberry too high ? up to 225 cm (seedsman)
    thanks :D
  12. why is it bad ?i cant find Mylar in my city
  13. Reflects unevenly. Causes hot spots on plant and wall. Flat white paint is your best bet. I use a satin for washability but flat is better.
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  14. That price seems to good to be true. A name brand 1000 actual watts led will cost close to a thousand dollars. This 900 W is $949 (not a recommendation, but a good brand). Many LED manufacturers double the actual watts, and claim that power.

    You should look into this very carefully, because there are lots of ways to get scammed. A danger flag is that I couldn't find actual volts, amps, or power. These might be on the up and up, but beware of cheap chinese knock offs that might not last.

    It is crucial to grow small plants in a small space. That's exactly what many autos can do, but only those strains that the breeder says are short plants. I'd grow autofems if I were you.
  15. i wish i posted the reply earlier :(
    i already bought it :(
    it says it actually uses 240-480w
    i hope it's not as bad as any Chinese stuff
  16. You might be ok. I looked on amazon, and there are complaints about some of the Mars LEDs burning out quickly, so just be on the lookout. Even if they're no good, you haven't spent much.
  17. The early mars lights like the first series and the marsII lights definitely have marginal reliability. I was all in on ordering mars lights 2 years ago until I started looked at all of their grow journals online and finding a disturbing amount of people that had to repair their lights.

    On the other side of that mars completely recognizes this and goes out of their way to supply repair parts to you if you do have a failure. There are many people who run them for quite a while without issues. I would trust mars more then any other random cheap led I bought on ebay.

    All the mars lights since the mars pro series are all different parts and much more reliable. They learned from the first releases to put higher quality parts in the cases. The mars 1 series still may be one of the best deals out there. You can find 300's on ebay for $60 or cheaper. They're capable of budding 4oz's of dense bud unlike CFL's that are around the same price range.
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