first time grower needs advice! sick plants?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by gtds420, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I am looking for some help/advice. :wave: This is my first grow and everything is going ok, but I think I may be doing something wrong.

    Here's some background info. My setup is a 4x4 area with a 1000w MH light. A little overkill maybe, but the light was given to me. The light is about 2 feet over the plants, and I have an exhaust fan pulling the hot air out of the tent. Its about 70-75 degrees with 50% humidity. That all seems to be ok. I'm using an aeroponic/hydro setup I bought online. Right now I'm just using bagseed to "practice" with. I just got a RO filter and I've been using that for water. I'm using Mother Earth Super Tea Grow by Advanced Nutrients. I'd like to keep it as natural and organic as possible. The thought of synthetic chemicals turns me off. I'm having a hard time keeping the pH down. I'll add pH Down by General Hydroponics to get the pH around 5.5-5.7. I'll check it the next day, and it's up to 6.5. Is it normal to have to add pH down everyday? I see some people on here have a pretty consistent pH level throughout their grow.

    I'm also concerned with the way my plants look. At first, it was just the tops of the plants, or new growth that was very yellow. It didn't look bad, just yellow. Now as they get bigger the yellow color is spreading throughout the plants and not just the newer growth. I posted some photos of it. Is this a deficiency? Is this nutrient burn? I check the PPM of the water, and its coming up around 1000, which I didnt think was that high for the size of these plants. I'm only using about 1/2 to 3/4 strength of what the nutrients say on the bottle. I did prune some of the bigger leaves to get light to the lower branches, but nothing too extreme.

    I posted some pics, because I figured that would make it easier to diagnose. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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