First time grower need some questions answered

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  1. Hi I'm on my 6wk of flowering I have 2 plants don't no what type they are got clones from a friend of a friend.
    I have a homemade bubbleponics system with a drip feed aswell growen in rockwool (should have been clay pebbles but working) a 400w hd light 4inch intake fan and rhino filter on a 4inch exstration fan. A small heater on a thermostat because it's in a attic and it gets cold where I am. I am getting a average temp of 25.5 C. And a 9inch air circulation fan. Think I have covered every thing what I need to no
    How long do I have left?
    Will the buds get bigger?
    Do I need to trim lower smaller buds to get the top producing more?
    When do I flush?
    Do I need to change the light from the 12/12?
    I have added a few pictures so you can see. And my nitrate bloom has not changed the hole grow just below the max and the same for the PK boost
    Cheers axlef image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. - I dunno looks like at least 3-4 weeks
    - yes
    - if you want...I don't
    - 10 to 14 days before harvest
    - no
    Hope this helps good luck and lookin good!!!
  3. Thanks for your reply al keep it up just don't wont fuck it so close to the end thanks again

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