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    OK, my baby is outside in a 10'' pot in my veggie garden. Marijuana is not legal in my state for cultivating or recreational use, so it needs to stay in a pot so that it can be moved, if need be. I started it from a seed that I managed to find in a bag of mids that I had gotten. Now, these mids are some of the absolute best mids I have ever smoked. For about a year, every bag that I get from this seller seems to be from the same batch. It tastes the same, same look, same quality, same potency, etc. So, when I found a seed (which rarely ever happens), I decided to try and grow my own plant to, first of all, see if I could grow it and then, eventually, see if I could harvest anything from it. I started prepping the seed by wrapping it in a wet paper towel until it started to sprout. I then planted it in a small 2'' pot and sat it on my kitchen counter under a florescent light fixture under my top cabinets, about 2 ft. above the pot. That was roughly 2.5 months ago....maybe even closer to 3?. After it got its first 4 leaves, I moved it outside in my vegetable garden. I have been giving it water and nutes regularly. [Nutes pictured below]. My plant is now a little over 3ft tall. It's staring to bush out, as well. I haven't done any training to it. I do pull off any ragged looking or yellow leaves that are at the bottom so that no energy is focused on them. Anyway, I have a few questions and I would be so grateful if I could get some advice from growers that are way more experienced than I am.
    OK, I give my plant the same nutes that I give my garden (first time gardener, too!!)
    First question: Are the nutes [pictured] I'm giving good for marijuana plants? It seems to be healthy and all, but I wanna be sure that what I'm feeding it isn't going to hurt it in the long run.
    Second question: Is it male or female...or too early to tell?
    Third question: Is it possible, since I've barely ever found any seeds in any of my bags, that everything that I have gotten from this dude in the last year, have been from mostly female plants and this too could be female because of that?
    Fourth question: Is this plant an indica or sativa? The mids that I get (where the seed came from) boost my energy, completely destroys my depression and suppresses my chronic nausea.
    Fifth question: How do you know when to switch to a 12/12 light schedule? Does it have to be "bushy" or could I do that now? Due to the legality of growing or even possessing this God-given, amazing herb, 3 ft is as tall as I can go outside without being easily seen by my neighbors. My neighbor on the right is a school teacher and my neighbor on the left is my pastor and his wife. (Yeah, I know, ballsy, right? lol)
    Sixth question: Is there any way that I can stop it from getting any taller and just fill out more without damaging the plant? I've looked into "training" methods, but to be honest, it's all a little overwhelming to me. I've never attempted any of the methods before and everything that I read said not to attempt them until you have successfully grown a few plants.

    So, anyway, those are my questions and concerns for now. I'm sure I'll have more later, but those are the ones that are plaguing me currently.

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  2. @MamaWu
    Yes, odds are very high it's a female seed.
    Crushing the main stem with pliers for about 12 inches will let you fold over an older to tough to bend plant. Sounds nasty but it works and lets fluids continue to flow past the damage and bend.
    Beyond all this you do understand that they stink to high heaven in flower? Height aside there is no hiding the Stinking Reeking Smell of a fully flowered Cannabis plant.
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  3. Yes. My husband said it would stink good. lol My husband never grew himself, but he has had many friends that did and he said you could smell their plants as soon as you walked in their front door after the flowering started.I was thinking about trying to move it inside into my basement and use artificial grow lights to finish it off. Is that possible?
  4. Yes but you'll definitely want to do what the other poster said and crush that stem to shorten the plant... also if you move indoors you could buy a carbon filter to scrub the smell.

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    You should do research on HST (high stress training). It's too late to LST (low stress training) since your plant is so big now. The nutes you're feeding are high in nitrogen, which is great for your vegging plant. I would suggest moving into your basement, and getting a 300 watt LED to finish her off.
    To simulate the flower stage, you must turn the light on for 12 hrs, off 12 hrs. Be sure to maintain a temperature inside of 68-88 Fahrenheit.
    When you start flowering, get some nutes that are highest in potassium. I would also suggest getting a digital timer for your light. It takes away the hassle and responsibility of turning your light on or off.
    Water 1.5 gallons of water every other day. Make sure to use a very large pot and rinse the soil out every week.
    Good luck fellow medicator!

    P.S. I would guess that the weed you're smoking is a sativa strain. It's also probably high in CBD and CBN if you're experiencing those medicinal effects.
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  6. Also, if she has been vegging for 3 months, it's time to start flowering now. You can begin flowering at anytime, the veg stage will go for as long as you want. It simply judges how large your plant will be, and how much you will yield. A typical veg. stage lasts about 2-3 weeks in one of my grows.
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  7. Do you have a link to the carbon filter that you're talking about? Not sure what that is.
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