first time grower, need a little advice

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    So, i want to grow one, maybe two plants but the only growing guides i can find are for major dealer grow op. what i want to do is have one or two plants so i don't have to waste my money and so i can sice my friends. what would be ideal is a very basic guide that covers everything from germination to curing and how its done without the use of filtration and ph moniters and shit like that.

    any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: this has to be for outdoor growing. like in the woods haha. Im still a high schooler so im still living with my parents. i was thinking about just digging a whole in the ground and putting in the proper soil just in that spot. but i have absolutely no knowledge on growing. i dont know what soil to use or anything.
  2. Do a soil grow, i say i could get away with not using a pH meter, but i like to know whats what. Most top brand nutrients have pH buffers in them, which helps.
    The basics are, give them plenty of light (lumens) and venitation and dont over feed them, and you shouldnt go wrong, do a bit of reading up on other conditions and then fine tune your grow op.

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