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  1. Let me start off by saying that I am pretty good about updating, giving details and snapping pictures. I hope this will keep those who read, interested.

    To grow enough to keep myself and a few choice friends happy. I am not looking for super high-yield or Primo GRADE A commercial stuff. Anything that's decent and useable. I plan to grow outside until it is time to flower, then I plan to continue grow/flowering inside.

    Back yard (Nothing beats the sun!) & Inside closet (for flowering & controlled environment needs) The closet will house a little light-tight enclosure eventually. I've got some time to build it as my plant is still small.

    Soil: Expert Gardener - "Perfect Mix" all purpose potting soil .10-.08-.06
    Lighting: The sun and eventually a 400watt HPS light fixture.
    Nutes: Blood Meal 12-0-0 (others to come when needed - flowering)
    Pesticide: 2 cloves of garlic, 3 TBSP crushed red pepper & 1/2 an onion - blended & strained through a sprayer bottle
    Pots: 6" pots with the "auto water" feature. (see background for details)

    Temprature: Typically from 90-100+ deg F (peak) in direct sunlight

    Typically 70%-85%

    Overall Climate:
    Tropical - warm, humid, sunny, hot with little rain.

    I started off with bagseed. I germinated a few and only 2 sprouted. I planted them both very shallow and covered them lightly with soil. They both sprouted but only 1 developed fan leafs. The other became compost.

    The successful sprout has been outside in direct sunlight and moderate winds (it's windy remember?). I have watered it about 1x every 2-3 days. The pots I use have an "auto water" feature where the main pot sits on a tray that you put water in. I just fill that tray up every 2-3 days and it seems to keep the plant happy.

    Recently, the a couple of the leaves developed some yellowish damage. I'm not sure what to make of it. on DAY 17 I bought and gave the plant some Blood Meal to raise up the N content thinking my plant may be deficient.

    I have 4 more germinated seeds waiting to sprout.

    Pics to come...

  2. Here are pics of my supplies.


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  3. Here is where I plan to construct my "indoor" growspace.

    The closet is "L" shaped. It's long and has a 90deg turn to the left. Very nicely hidden and very spacious little nook.

    Just above the shelving is the entrance to the attic. It should be easy to ventilate. I also have *VERY* good air flow in there when the A/C is running.


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  4. This is my 1st plant on Day 6.


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  5. Pics of the plant on Day 9


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  6. This is plant 1 on day 12 of the grow...


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  7. Plant 1 - Day 18

    Here is where you can start to see the real damage on a few of the lower leaves. Any ideas on what my little plant needs? I started to feed it the Blood Meal the day before the pics were taken.

    I started using "organic pesticide" (see 1st post in thread) to ward off any pests. I don't have any (other than small ants) that are obvious. The pot is kept off the ground.

    Can I start to LST (I think)? Well, whatever it's called, can I start to bend the plant?
    Also, is this normal growth for this? Should it be bigger/smaller? It seems to me that other plants of this age have grown MUCH more. Any help/tips are appreciated.


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  8. plants growing quick for an outside grow , atleast growing faster than my white widow , whom is considered a fast grower
  9. you may have fed your plant too early. Are there already fertilizers in the soil?
  10. HIGH All, what you have looks like leafminers...never had them..but here is a good description of what I think you have.

    The first pic isn't marijuana..just showing the damage they do.

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  11. DAY20 - PLANT 1
    Today I transplanted my bundle of joy to a larger "pot" It's basically a car-wash bucket (thouroughly cleaned with microbial soap of course!).

    I tried using "herbal" pesticide for a few days, I'm still getting very small white flying things (Aphids? White-Flys?) even after I spary the plant. Seems like I'm annoying them instead of repeling them. I also have a few crawling things in the dirt (surface dirt). They're brown and about the size of a lady-bug.

    Thanks for the pic/link. It's comforting to know that there is a great community with a free exchange of ideas/wisdom!

    I bought some ORTHO insect killer.

    I hope this gets rid of those pests...

    Until next time...


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  12. I put a bit of fertilzer but that was on day 17. I put way less than the recommended dosage and the damage was already there before the nutes hit the soil.

  13. When can I start LST'ing the plant? (Bending the stem to get more efficient use of light = LST?)

  14. I began LST'ing my plants just as they started developing their 5th nodes. By then they should be about 5-6 inches tall and have smaller shoots sprouting from the lowermost nodes. You're supposed to keep the stem about 2 inches above the soil after the 90 degree bend, so you need the plant to be at least 5 inches tall.

    Check out VokaL's guide in the advanced techniques forum.
  15. Help!

    I'm still having major trouble with whatever is affecting my plant. I'm still unsure how to treat the problem. I tried a nitrogen nute, I tried herbal pesticide, I tried ORTHO pesticide. At first it was just affecting the bottom two leaves, now it's starting to sneak up to the other portions of the plant.:eek:

    NOTE: The white specs on the leaves are from the onion that was in my "herbal pesticide" (FYI)

    Any ideas???


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  16. Hmm i dont know what that problem is... but what i would do is completely flush the dirt out (over water it and drain and over water and drain some more lol to clean the dirt from whatever it is...) and i was just wondering if u poked some holes in the bottom of that bucket... but anyways other then the shit thats killin the plant.. it looks good :) hope u find out what is goin on..
  17. Thanks. Someone had suggested that the soil I used was pretty high in Nitrogen. Really, this is pretty much the only thing that it could be, I think I will transplant it into some other "organic" soil when I get a chance. I really hope that clears it up.

  18. I transplanted the plant out of the soil I had originally bought (had nutes in soil?) and into some Scott's soil (has virtually no nutrients). It's not organic, but it has no added nutrients so that kind of takes that out of the picture. I got most of the old soil off and after transplanting "God" flushed it for me (it rained pretty good - I didn't have a chance to get out before the storm hit). Hopefully that rain water + the new soil will help the little one survive.

    I'm still thinking the plant is a bit on the small side for being an outside plant that's been daily cared for. Maybe not.

    I'll snap some pics later this week to (hopefully) show the plant getting better! :hello:

  19. Plant 1 - Day 26
    I finally took some new pics. It looks like the transfer out of the heavily 'nuted soil into the almost 'nuteless soil is helping. The plant looks a bit perkier and the leaves where the nodes are are starting to grow more.

    Pic 1
    This is the pic of one of the dying bottom leaf (2nd node from bottom to top)

    Pic 2
    This is a picture of some of the new growth sprouting from the nodes where the leaves are dying.

    Pic 3
    This is a top shot.

    Pic 4
    This is a shot from the side.

    Pic 5
    This is the other dying leaf from the 2nd node


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  20. Plant 1 - Day 26 (Continued)

    Pic 1
    This is the soil I transplanted my plant into.

    Pic 2
    This is some node growth on the 3rd node from the bottom up.

    Pic 3
    This is more node growth on the 4th node.

    I'm thinking this is turning out to be a female? What do you all think? (Picture 3)


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