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  1. Hey guys, this is my first time growing indoors. So far it's been challenging and a lot of hard work but hopefully worth it in the end! I've got 11 Moneymaker plants from strainhunters in an ebb and flow system under two 750W LED's, with two 250W CFLs on the wall. I'm running them in 5 gallon buckets of hydroton on an ebb and flow system, 4 hours a day for 15 minutes. I'm using a few of the cyco nutes. For veg: Grow A & B; Silica; ryzofuel; and grow XL. I'm currently midway through week three and I've attached some pictures of the plants. I plan on extending my scrog net and have topped most of the plants once and then again on all the new shoots.

    As you can see, the internode lengths are SUPER short, is this normal for Indica dominant strains? I've read mixed opinions on this, and as I've attempted to LST some of the plants down to get more light to the smaller shoots, I worry that they might not make it to the net? The ryzofuel nutes I've been feeding them say they shorten internodal length

    I also want to know if anybody has any idea why one of the systems might have such smaller plants than the other? I've attached my two larger plants and my smaller one for comparison.

    And has anybody grown moneymaker with topping and LST for scrog? I saw it listed as an auto on all the seedbanks but other people are saying shes photoperiod so I'm a bit confused. Don't want to stress them out too much and have it go into flower early or bugger up the hormones. I plan on vegging for about 8 weeks before switching to bloom.

    Thanks for the help, totally knew to hydro growing so any advice on this system would be really appreciated, I would love some feedback to see if I'm headed in the right direction!

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