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  1. With weed becoming legalized in my state (MI) and being the stoner I am, I began to dream about having a massive, yet legal, grow op. But with the reality of my financial situation I had to settle... majorly... but low and behold I am finally growing cannabis, legally, without the stress of the hard hammer of our American justice system! Shout out to the pioneers who've been doing it for years!

    I am currently running 3 Lemon Skunk plants from seeds that I saved from some good smoke around March. They are under a 600w MH bulb in a 4x4 structure I built myself out of pure excitement. Definitely will be switching to a tent before I switch to flowering, as the smell will be completely out of control. But I am currently just over 3 weeks into veg and am not disappointed with my results. Growing from a super soil medium made by a local grow shop, I've had little worries with nutrients, just a minor transfer shock when I put them in the 7 gallon fiber pots. I'm not expecting a whole lot, but will let them get quite big! Just started training them into a small bonsai shape. More updates to come and any advise is definitely appreciated! Cant wait to be trimming some dank nugs!

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  2. Nice.. so make a journal so we can follow you?

  3. You don't have to do a tent. A tent won't hold in scent unless you are going to run a carbon filter. In which case, you could use it in your homemade setup. Good job.
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  4. I’m in Michigan as well. I have 3 in the backyard. I started from seed like yourself. All three are female I believe. Are you going to attempt to clone? This is my next consideration. How much were the materials you used to bike your grow box? Lights, wood etc...? I’m thinking if all three are female I may try to get as many clones as I can and bring them indoor , or possibly clone and take back out and flower a dozen or so. Good luck and good looking work man.

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  5. I could definitely add holes for ducts and put a filter in for sure. Might go ahead and get the inline fans and everything I need for circulation first and ride it out in this set up.
  7. I am actually gonna switch strains next grow, was just kinda doing a trial run, still gathering a lot of info and equipment. I plan to run some Master Kush after this run. All together I spent about 300 dollars for the setup I have right now, but that's not bad considering I got my light for about $160. Which is a good price for a whole HID unit. That's pretty nice you got all 3 females, I'm hoping for the same, definitely gonna order some feminized seeds tho when I do.
  8. Good point, this thread now doubles as a grow journal!
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  9. Ask one of the Mods to move thread to Grow Journal? I think they can do that possibility. Wouldn't hurt to ask.
  10. Yeah I'm new here, I was looking all over for an option to start a grow journal thread
  11. It's all good.

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  12. Oh hell yeah, thanks man!
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  13. NP. I need up update mine. Adding a bigger comfrey barrel.

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