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First Time Grower - kinda Paranoid need help.!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Imanoob, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Hey I'm thinking of growing my own personal weed and I'm kinda paranoid abut the cops because the state I live in weed is illegal. So my first question is when buying seeds online , should I use my house address or go and rent out a P.O Box to be on the safe side. My next question is does anyone know how to make a stealth cabinet about 4-5 feet tall that could hold 4-6 plants in them and how much would it cost to make the cabinet . Thank you for the help.

    Edit: thinking about buying from nirvana seeds or Dutch passion seeds
  2. dont ship anything grow related to the house where growing will take place.

    and dont tell anyone that you have a grow,the only people that should know your growing is the people you live with,and they should be 100% ok with it.
  3. I want to reiterate ^^^

    Don't tell anybody.. nobody.. not your best friend.. nobody. They will say they won't tell anyone, but humans cannot keep secrets for shit. All it takes is for 1 person to tell their friend "Hey, dude __ has a grow! But don't tell anyone!" and then that person continues the trend until way too many know about it.

    As for shipping seeds to your house.. I would not do that. I would get a P.O. box like you stated. (Although do you need an address for a P.O. box? Because using your address to get a P.O. box defeats the purpose of getting one anyway, in this case.)
  4. First off, welcome to the City :wave:

    The site has lots of forums, and you'll probably get better (or at least, more targeted) discussion in the cultivation there's plenty of info there already so you'll probably find answers to a lot of your growing questions with a search in those sub-forums.
  5. Thx for the info . And yeah I just checked you do need a address for a p.o box which is pretty dumb. So where should I have the seeds be shipped? I can't ship to a friend cause then they would know.
  6. Honestly I would just get a P.O. box. You may need your address to open one but now that I think about it, nobody knows what is inside the package and it can't be opened without a warrant anyway. I would use a P.O. box if I were in your predicament, but do what makes you feel the safest man. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  7. If you are that sketched about it you probably better wait. If you are a minor and are wondering what your parents will ask about then wait till that is not a worry. First question out of whoever besides you picks up mail, " Oh, Charles, you got a pkg from Great Britain. What is it?"
  8. Dealing with a seed bank is easy. Get a prepaid visa from walmart, get on the attitude, send it to your house using a fake name. your in the clear. a stealth cabinet of that size would be expensive. maybe look into a grow tent.
  9. You need to plan well take lots of time to make a stealth cabinet perfect. All the information to know is online just read read read until you get a good grasp on what needs to happen.It's going to probably cost around $400-$500 total for the setup you are talking about if you buy the cabinet and a 400w hps bulb with ballast and the seeds and soil and possibly nutrients.
  10. Keep it on the DL. Think about it, if nobody knows your growing you could order the seeds to you house because whos gonna know? Don't feel paranoid your good if you stealth and smart with it
  11. ...and as I am awaiting my first delivery from Attitude, I am pretty certain they don't send them with a big green mj leave on the outside that says "Fragile, Babies Inside". As I understand it they will just be pkg'd discreetly w/ a GB return address.
  12. As a first time grower, you should not grow 4-6 plants. Grow one.
  13. DONT TELL NO ONE!!!!!!

    That's the #1 rule

    Use fox farm soil

    On surface provide natural peeled oranges, egg shells etc

    Water your plants three times a day. or water when necessary

    Read some articles around GC don't get lazy >.< I do that sometimes

    Well have fun,and DON'T LOOK SUSPICIOUS
  14. You'll find a lot more tips in the cultivation section :) enjoy growing!

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