First time grower, issues with leaves!

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  1. I just moved my setup in from my garage outside. Weather has been back and forth cold and hot for the past week or so, I figured it was a little weather stressed and definitely time to get it into the heated house. There’s a strong white spotted pattern on many of my leaves. At first I thought PM but it does not wipe off as I believe mildew does. As for nutes, deficiency may be the cause as I am using 2/3 bottles of the 3 part General Hydroponic MicroGro series, missing the bloom bottle. Picking up more nutes when financially viable. Some of my leaves are also growing disfigured- missing fingers or disfigured fingers (not sure how normal this is as it’s my first grow). Let me know if anyone has any advice I could use! Thank you all and cheers. Pics included below

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  2. You got bugs........looks like spider mites.
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  3. looks like a serious mite infection - especially if just moved from outdoors to inside.
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  4. step one . Wash them with a hose. Let them dry. Step two put this stuff on. Leave it on for 5 days then wash it all off with a hose . Done bugs are gone.
    Or go organic . Neem oil does nothing do not use it . Dish soap spray soapy water on them. Let it soak . Rinse it off . Then olive oil rosemary oil does nothing but slow them down . Problem will be there still. Dish soap kills some .But eggs hatch . repeat the process forever . Best of luck. My outdoor i used the 7.
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  5. Spider mites. Me too, first time. Good luck.
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  6. Done and done. used the soap method, I can’t find much else online about the olive oil though, how is it supposed to help and how would I apply it?
  7. Teaspoon or two in a spray bottle . Spray the plants with it . Again it will NOT kill them all only a few. Basically it will slow them down so you can harvest . Its a pore choice for mites . But the oil is 100 percent safe to eat smoke so its organic . Its a lot better then nothing . If this was a commercial grow i would suggest getting some actual mite killer from the hydro store .
    A warning to growers . Never leave mite killers in the grow room all the time . Mites will get used to the poison and you will never get rid of them. Put your killer in for 14 days get it out. Next time you get them you need to use a different kind of killer . With oils and soap it does not matter . I like the 7 stuff i mentioned it worked very well for my out door plants .
    Indoor situations where the room is sealed. But these not organic but it works . follow my 14 day rule do not leave it in the room .
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