First time grower. Is she ready?

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  1. I had 6 plants growing from early to mid June, it was my first time and I kept them balcony with little maintenance. Unfortunately 5 of them turned out to be male which I harvested in flowering and left the female to grow alone.

    It's September now and I'm wondering if the female is ready for harvest, it's a short plant (30cm/12inches from soil to tip) but has plenty of nice looking buds, most of them concentrated on the center main stem with a few buds on lower secondary branches.

    I'm posting 2 pictures, one showing the top of the plant and the other showing a lower side-bud, most of the hairs on the latter have turned orange/pink and I'm thinking it's probably time to harvest, but the hairs on the top part of the plant are still mostly white, so I'm confused. I'm trying to pick the buds at peek THC level, any help would be appreciated.


    Top picture

    Side bud
  2. Nope, not yet. Looks like you got another couple of weeks. If you want to be sure that your buds are at their prime when you harvest go get a 60-100x microscope from radioshack (there $10), and look at the crystals with it. Once they are about 25% amber and 75% cloudy, they are at their peak THC content.
  3. what part of the plant do you look at under the scope??...just cut a small fan???i,m off to the shack today...i think i need to flush can't remember when i started 12/12 and the hairs are about 60% colored now but no idea about trichs...;)...anyway it's a nice problem to have...let the fall harvest begin and don't forget to give thanks yall:wave:.

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  4. Its a handheld microscope so you just hold it up to one of the buds. You probably should start flushing now, especially if your using chemical ferts.
  5. ok, i got the little scope... but there is no way i can hold that thing up and focus and zoom and do all that shit in the field... lost the, "coordination/balance/eye focusing brain function cell", in the 90's!!...or was it the 80"s???...are these trichs on the fans, the little ones, burried deep???...thanx.:confused:
  6. yea... i just tried... no way...saw some amber beads and shit but no way i'm countain shit so...i'm off to collect a taste sample and will view from my computer desk, must be nice to be young and still have balance and eye plant does look alot like yours though arthur...will let ya know...cheers:smoking:
  7. This is what mine looks like on my balcony.


    she has 3 weeks to go. I have been putting her away at night she started flowering a bit early.

    Andrew Bud
  8. why do you put her away at night???...what does that mean:rolleyes:...???
  9. yeah,those plants eed at least 2.5-3.5 weeks,especially that sativa dom plant you got going
  10. Lookin good, but yeah, you've got a few more weeks to go. It's WELL worth it, rule of thumb on your first couple harvest; When you think she's done, wait a week. OR in your case, just keep checking the triches.

    In reference to the why put her away, I think he started her budding early, by shortening the amount of time she gets light. It's the length of days that trigger them to flower, and by taking them in an hour earlier then dark you'll trick her into thinking it's later in the season then it is, so she starts flowering.

    Good Luck, keep those pics coming, but remember patience is a virtue.
  11. the plant is 5 weeks into flower so why would you put her away at nigt:confused:...i ask because i have wondered about the two week period after i flush...should the plant be put in a dry semi-light place to dry out for week 7 and 8???????...i can move my one into my barn...i flushed today though i believe i am in week 7+ of flower...stoner move i forget when i began to force flower this one...i think july 15???? what happens if i flush at week 7 and harvest week 9???...i wrapped plastic around bucket so no rain gets in but it's hardly waterproof???why bring in at week 5???...just anxious to smoke man...cheers all.:cool:
  12. I have no idea what your talking about ricslat.

    Yeah i put her indoors at 8pm and bring her out at 8am.
    She's on my balcony.
    I am afraid of the inside light hitting her if i dont put her in a closet at night.

  13. the natural photo-period is dark long enough now that leaving the plant out all night will not make it go back to veg...12-12, is the norm, but outside mj will begin to flower naturally with approx 13 hours sun - 11 hours dark:cool:...if mj had to wait till the photoperiod gets to 12-12 it wouldn't begin to flower around here till mid sept, too outside plants began flowering here in illinois first week in aug...photoperiod ~13.5 - need to drag your plant in anymore:D
    let her stay out to enjoy the eve's breeze:smoking:...ric
  14. Up here in Maine, my plants started to show sex when the days were at like 14/10. Outdoor plants are also pretty good with tolerating various outside lights at night. I'm not sure why they build up a tolerance to light leaks but they seem to do great with it. If I was to have a light leak inside I could almost promise that I will end up with a hermi. Outside, the way nature intended, is no dought the way to go with growing! That is if you can get away with it, got busted this year with 47 plants!!! :mad:

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