First time grower, intro and set up critique

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  1. hi guys, newb alert! Started a small 3 plant grow 4 weeks ago. Used bag seed as a kind of trial run before I go out and buy from a seed bank. My set up is a 2x2 tent with a 300w viparspectra R300 LED light, 6 inch extractor fan at top, 4 inch passive intake at the bottom. Plants have had LST today and only one feed of quarter strength nutrients. Tent temp sits around 23 deg C and About 47% humidity on an 18/6 light schedule. Any advice or suggestions I can take with me going forward?

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  2. I'd say they're doing fine. I'm no pro on growing only doin my 2nd and the first failed but if anything start in smaller pots. I'm using 2litter soda bottles cut in half but had started in a little cup which constricted root growth and my plants were not growing to high after switching to the 2litters they've doubled growth in a week. I dont know if the 300w would be enough for flowering 3 plants either. Need 30-40 watts per plant....wait maybe that'd be 120watts minimum for 3 and I believe vipraspectra is 130-150 actual watts. I'm running 2 300watt maxisuns for 3 plants right now but again not a pro
  3. Nice.. so make a journal so we can follow you?

    you have already learn't not to feed or LST so young? ...or not

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