First time grower, I could use allot of advice

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  1. I've just orderds some dutch passion Mazar and would like to grow it. However I've read so many things about growing I'm lost as to what to do. I could use help with the following issues.


    I've read that a good way to do this is to soak the seeds in wet paper before putting them in a growing medium. is this nesscerary?. I would prefer to just put the seeds in a growing medium (flower pot) right away and let them sprout. does this work or do I have to use the paper example

    - Lighting

    I've read that in the first 4 weeks of growth I need to keep the light on 24/7 is this nessecary? I have a small house and my family wouldn't approve of me keeping the light on that long. Would 18 hours a day be enough light for the vegetation and 12 hours a day during flowering. Would that work?

    - Water

    The last time I had cannabis seeds I think I put too much water because the stem rotted and turned purple. How much water and how often do I need to use water on these plants without them going bad?

    - Fertiliser

    When should I start to use this on the flower? Should I use it after the first 4 weeks when it starts to vegetate? or should I use it right away? And how much should I use I I've read that too much can damage the plant

    - Compost

    should I mix the compost with soil before putting the seeds in? Is this the right things to do?

    - Anything else
    Is there anything else I need to know about growing ganja?

    I would appresiate any advice people here a grassciy

    Thank you

    Zeke Masters

  2. well i plant 5 seeds and i got 4 plants from it so to me straight into soil no messing aroung with paper towels and all that
    lighting 18/6 a days fine and when u think there big enough to flower then yes turn to 12/12 but during the 12 hour dark of flowering it needs to be complety dark
    no need for 24 unleast your in a rush
    watering depend on many things really so the easy way to tell is if the soil is dry 2 to 3 inch down the need watering but the soil does need to have a dry period so the rots can get oxygen i water mine about ever 3 to 4 days
    fertilsing is not need for the first 4 weeks but i use a 20,20,20 fert at every 10 to 14 days at half strenght but when starting of fertilising use like quarter of dosage and work up to full strenght
  3. Whoa man, is that your full real name? If so I advise editing ASAP, no need to divulge your ID.

    And your family -- is that your parents or your spouse and kids?

  4. Yeah I've changed it now I'll just use my tag Zeke masters or Zeke335 from now on. I don't want police at my house arresting me for somthing I only want for personal use because buying from dealers is becoming a problem.
  5. Gday Zeke<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
    You have asked some very good first questions.<o:p></o:p>
    Germination – You can certainly place the seeds directly into the medium you will be using to grow….soil in your case. The main reason people use the paper towel method is to ensure the seeds they put into their medium are not dead. I personally plonk them into little plastic cups (holes in the bottom for drainage) filled with seed raising soil. No need to fertilize at this stage as the existing soil should contain enough nutrients while it's a wee seedling.
    Lighting - No, its not necessary to keep the lights on 24/7. Your spot on with the 18 hours light, 6 hours dark as this will work just as fine….there is very little evidence showing that 24/7 light is any more effective.
    Water – The universal method for checking to see if your soils needs some more water is to check a few centimeters under the soil surface. If its dry, its time to water. Just use regular water (I use tap water that has been left out for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate) and add a little bit at a time. You know when your plant has had enough when water starts to trickle from the bottom. This rule you can use all the way though your grow.
    Fertilizer – Once your seedlings have grown 4 or so pairs of leaves, they are no longer seedlings….its time to transplant them into some good soil mixture. Once transplanted, water like described above but don't fertilize quite yet (soil should have plenty of nutrients initially). The next time they need water is the right time to start feeding your plant fertilizer. Its best to start with small amounts (I use 1 quarter of the recommended dose with fertilizer I haven't used before) so you don't over do it. If the plant handles it well, increase the dose when you need to water next.<o:p></o:p>
    Compost – I personally don't use compost so I don't really know. I just nip down to the local hydroponics store and pick up what they recommend… wonders<o:p></o:p>
    Anything else – There is heaps to learn about growing MJ and at first it is quite over whelming but I promise you….after your first grow, you will learn so much. Just research up on the internet (this forum is quite excellent) and you should be fine.<o:p></o:p>
    Best of luck……don't forget to read up on ventilation as well….<o:p></o:p>
    Milsy :wave:

  6. I live with my mum and my sister, I don't think they'll approve as to what I'm doing but they wont stop me. It's my dad that's the problem I'm 21 years old and he's only been around for less than a quater of my life(he lives in Africa). When he come he always talks down to me about things like smoking weed as if it's any different from his alcohol problem he had when he was younger he's such a hypocrite.:smoking:
  7. actually, i think it is a bit different than his alcohol problem he had when he was younger. Atleast i dont put myself in the same group as people with alcohol problems just because i smoke pot.
  8. I'm just saying that he had a habit of drinking and I have a habit of smoking weed. I know there not the same but they're still habits. So why he should go off at me like he never used to have his own problems. I'm only 21 there's plenty of time for me to enjoy my drugs and I'll stop around the age of 30
  9. As for the germination process, I recommend poppin the seeds in a cup full of water for 24 to 48 hours.
    Always works WAY better than the towel method for me.

  10. I don't like the sound of either of those methods they sound a bit wrong to me a plant is a plant and plants go in soil. so I'll be putting mine right in the flower pot and let it happen
  11. It is entirely up to you but ive NVER had a plant sprout from putting it directly into the soil.
  12. Putting it in soil will work, but your odds of successful germination go WAY up when you go through something other then just popping them in soil. I like to stick them in water for 24 hours, when they sink you put them in a wet paper towel in a baggie. Then in about another 24 hours they will have sprouted tap roots. Plant that root down and your chances of success go way up.
  13. do the water method. i've had 100% germination rate out of 15 seeds this way many times..
  14. most pll will disagree with me but i always do 24 hour lighting during veg (day1-week8)

    for best rapid growth and ease of lazyness not having to knock ur light off lol

    seems to work rlly nice for me with no adverse side effects

  15. I've decided just to pop them in soil and see what happens if they don't sprout in 2 weeks I'll use the paper towel method or the water method. But I'm just hoping it works well in soil.
  16. a shot glass and some seeds...wait till they sink and crack open....

    I've gotten a bunch to germinate so easily over night
  17. Good Luck, I think the main reason for not doing that is just knowing for sure that the seeds are gonna grow, when you put them in soil you don't know until they peek out of the soil. I've done both, and the anticipation is grueling! Just don't put them too deep, I usually wet down the soil and stick my finger in past the fingernail and pop them in at that depth.

    Good luck.
  18. Yeah man dude's right it's agonizing not knowing what the seeds are doing or if they're even alive. y dont u want to germinate??? the vast majority of experienced growers on here germinate and it works for them. take their advice. Plus its pretty cool observing this stage of growth. You can also see which individual seeds are really taking off and which seem to be slow growers.

  19. I've changed my mind and read allot about germination what I've done now is put 1 seed directly into the soil and put 2 seeds in paper towels to germinate. That seems to be the popular thing to do. But how long is it likley to take before a see sprouts? If this doesn't work out due to my lack of expernce I'll just buy more seeds and try again.
  20. ull see the seed start to crack and the beginning of the root tip within 24 hours usually. I would check every 12. as for the one in soil ull have to wait and see that is one disadvantage of just putting it in soil u never know wtf till it sprouts or doesnt.

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