first time grower, how am i lookin?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by buddhabro3, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. So out of my 4 plants i got 3 males and 1 girl
    i have a $0 budget for my grow and ive basically just been using things from around the house, bagseed, soil from the garden, and the grow is taking place outdoors.
    right now shes been flowering for about a week or 2 and her older leaves have been starting to turn yellow and die off
    im pretty sure shes lacking nitrogen so i fed her a little bit of miracle grow and im starting off with a very mellow amount and working my way up with her food.
    ive also been tieing leaves back to assure light to all my budspots
    does everything sound alright?
  2. Remeber that pot sheds lower leaves w/age.

    N isn't usually needed much in budding. P is sucked up.

    gl alex edit. brain fart
  3. thanks for the advice i apreciate it
    as one set of leaves die than the next oldest set starts to turn yellow and die off
    is that because of age?
  4. I would guess a budding nute is in order also.

    I'ld guess age and nutes are playing roles. I'ld keep an eye on her.

    gl alex

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