First Time Grower... how am I doing? Pictures

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  1. Hello GC! I recently started my first grow:

    Jack Herer : 15 Days In...
    Royal Haze : 13 Days In...
    Humboldt: 5 Days In
    Midnight Kush: 3 Days In

    The T5 CFL's are currently on an 18/6 light cycle
    Temperature is kept around 75 degrees & the Humidity around 45%.

    All the plants are currently sitting in 2.5 inch net pots with hydroton, above a reservoir containing Advanced Nutes, Voodoo Juice.

    The roots are begininning to drop on the Jack, Royal & Humboldt, the MKush is still a youngin' :).

    My question to you guys is, do you think my plants look underdeveloped for how old they are, mainy concerned about the Jack and Royal..

    Thank you!









  2. How far away is your light from them? They look fine, maybe a little behind but I'm sure they'll come around.
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    Are your seedlings 15 days from germination, or when they popped the surface?

    They're a bit small; BE VERY CAREFUL to not overwater your rapid rooter. They take a long time to dry out, and they wick. You should water them like soil until the roots hit the water. You let them almost dry, then give it a good amount. At 15 days there should be some pretty long roots in the res already, so you should not hand water the RR at all. Also fix any leaks or droplets that keep them soaked. When they get like almost bone dry you can give them a few drops, but do not give excessive water to them.

    Just emphasizing because if you do that, you'll waste several days waiting for it to dry out while the seedlings are drooping and stunted from overwatering.

    Also, put more hydroton - I can see holes into your res. Fix that immediately or else you risk algae and what not.

    Edit: Advanced nutes? What's your ppm and pH; I wouldn't run nutes that early.
  4. Thanks for the response...

    I do figure I may have been over-watering them a little bit... that may have stunted the growth. I have put more hydroton down and no holes to be seen through.

    Using advanced nutes, sensibloom a + b & bud candy.

    pH is 5.9

    Ill be posting more pictures soon, stay tuned...
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  6. yea bro make that shit smaller but its looking good
  7. Whats up guys, still growin...

    Here's whats going on,

    Jack Herer : 25 Days In From Seedling

    Royal Haze : 23 Days In From Seedling

    Humboldt : 15 Days In From Seedling

    Midnight Kush : 13 Days In From Seedling

    Lighting - 5 2' Commercial T5 Lights
    Water PH - 5.8-6.0
    Temp - 78 Degrees
    Humidity - 45%

    Jack Herer

    Royal Haze


    How do you guys think the plants are looking? Too small for their age, or is that just me?... Also when do you think I should put them in the tent with the HPS, for flowering?
    One more question.... whats up with the PPM? Whats the ideal PPM for your plants?

    Thanks a bunch guys.

    haha, my bad, I fixed it for ya:smoke:
  8. No expert here, but they look small to me. Were they from seed or a transplant? If transplanted or cuttings they can get stunted for a bit then recover. They look healthy enough though, just small. Compare them to the pic I just posted on "why the droopy leaves"... this plant is 17 days post emergence and has not had a good start... it actually collapsed flat once, ph has been questionable due to a bad ph pen, and light has been weak due to a failure there as well. I would grow yours at least another month before going into flower, but again I'm not an expert. My plants end up about 4-5 feet tall at the end of the full cycle, but I hope to train them better as I learn.

    "Ideal" PPM levels varies from plant strain to plant strain, that is why I grow only one strain at a time. For general info, try Weed Farmer's Marijuana Seeds, Cannabis Growing: Cannabis Groww guides! and under nutrient disorders you will find a general ppm range for different stages of growth. However, you will have to read your plants to determine if you are over doing it or under doing it. If you look at my previous posts you will see i frequently have questions about this, but am learning all the time.

    Good luck and let us know how things progress.
  9. seedlings grow slower than clones

    jack and haze look great humboldt looks indica dominant and will be shorter
    nice healthy color on all of them
    clone before u flower
  10. Well, the nutes were started so early that they may be permanently stunted. Also, the bud candy is not used until flowering. Agree with most of previous...
  11. They are small, but caused from the issues you had previously.

    They look good now and on track, so they should increase in growth quite a bit. Depending on how tall you want them to grow, you should start flower anywhere from 1-3 weeks from now.

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