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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ThePot, May 18, 2006.

  1. I just joined this forum a few minutes ago, figured this was the best site since overgrow is gone.

    anyway i plan on starting growing over this weekend, outdoor. I have 20-25 seeds (bag seed) and just plan on hoping for the best.

    i dont really plan on germinating them at all....unless this can be done in 2 days or so

    i have 2 different possible locations, pretty safe and convienint locations. i have done a decent amount of research, but basically im just wondering how neccessary is germinating? and if its too late to plant now (i live in MA)

    any help is much appreciated
  2. how necessary is germinating? let's put it this way, if your seeds don't germ, then you won't ever have a plant.

    If the question is actually, "how necessary is germinating my seeds in a paper towel or shot glass?" then the answer is "not entirely necessary, but it helps".
  3. Like up4anything said, its not necessary but almost ensures that you will have a sprout(if the seed is viable) . Germination is the 1st stage in the growing process, wether you do it in the ground or in a paper towel. I have had seeds pop in 30hrs and I have had some pop in 6 days, all depends on genetics. If I were you I would soak the seeds for 24 hrs in a cup or something, then place them in a papertowel inside a ziploc bag and place it ontop of a tv or pc moniter to keep them warm(not too warm). Check up on the germ guides. The bottom line is your better off doing it right the 1st time. Atleast start the process, and if nothing happens plant them, if it does great. This way you can sort out the seeds that arent viable.
  4. yea, i think ill do that. at least start it maybe tonite or tomorrow and if nothing happens than i'll just throw them in the ground.
  5. Good luck and keep us updated.
  6. kinda forgot about this thread....

    well i had a decent germination rate, i had 8 growing in cups and 7/8 came out of the soil within a day or two, then i replaced the one with a newly germinated one whhich also sprouted after a day or 2. theyve just been sitting outside for the past few days, maybe about 3 inches now. ill try to post some pics i guess

    transplanting/moving them into soil is the next step i think

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