First Time Grower. Heeellllp!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by killjoy68, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. A friend of mine just gave me a couple of plants that are about a foot high and already in pots.They are outside now but I have to bring them in. I have never grown before and I desperately need help. I bought a couple of plant growing lights at "Home Depot" and the fixtures with the aluminum shields. The bulbs are 250 watts. I don't have alot of money to put into this but I want them to grow. Please somebody help me.
    From, First time grower
  2. Okay..lwhat kind of growing lights are they?? lHopefully a MH or HPS ??
    Few cheap things you an do to help your grow .....

    1st - Put aluminum foil (dull sides out) in the cloest/room area that your growing your plants in

    2 - get some cheap ol fetilzer, 10-10-10- or so for vegitative stage, and 10-50-10 ferts for flowering stage..

    dont start fertilizing untill the plants are about 28 days old.

    Do you know how to induce flowering??
  3. hey! what type of bulb is this 250 watt? youre going to have to make a decision on what youre going to do. personally if there a foot, and if they are used to outdoor, its not a good idea to get them to accept indoor. what you could do is force flower now, give them the 12 hours of daylight, (4-5 hrs direct sunlight) and put them to sleep 12 hours later. this way you will force flower and at the same time be able to weed females and males out. your plant can double or triple in size during flowering, so your 1 footer could became 2-3ft. its mid august now, you could harvest mid october if done outside. indoor, youre not going to make it unless you spend the money. sorry . there is no getting around that. if you try to flower with floros, your buds will be very airy, no density whatsover, its kinda seeing the potential, but its not there. you dont want that disappointement. if you are able to go outside, do it. if you need a visual aid, i have an outside grow, about a foot thats being forced flowered. its in the outdoor grow thread, cant remember the name thread, but i posted it. gl
  4. just put he plants in a secluded spot off your property and in spot where the pots are covered by tall grass or something like that. I like to put plants surrouned by blackbery bushes because they have sticers on them and the leaves are pointy. Also now that the season is in, i can munch on berrys while im with my plants but im not big on the stem thats in the middle of each blackberry, rasberrys are so much better. :) O'grow is the best!

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