First time grower.. Having some plant issues! :(

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by four20smoker, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. I planted them about a month ago, and they are growing their 3rd and 4th pair of leaves. They seem to be curling, kind of in a ripple shape if you look at it from the side, like this ~. But its mostly curling down a little bit. I haven't added any nutes for the whole month but i added a little today when i watered them. i also noticed their ver first set of leaves (the 2 little oval ones) are turning yellow? today the soil seemed really dry and that what i thought the problem was so i watered it pretty well. what are some other possible reasons? please help! im a first time grower and im not sure what to do


    I found out last night that there was some fuzz (it looked a little like mold fuzz, but it wasn't blue or green, just white) and little white mites crawling around.. how should i fix both problems!! i heard diatomaceous earth helps fix the bug problem, and can also take the place of perlite (i am only growing in peat moss in one cup, and peat moss+regular outside dirt)

    also, would the diatomaceous earth cure the fuzz if its being caused by oxygen deprivation or too much water? or should i just change the soil and add a little of the DE?
    oh, and my plant pinched over and i think its going to be ok, but should i post it up with a toothpick and tie it?

    PLEASE HELP! first time grower

    ill post pictures if you need to see what it looks like!
  2. Okay first of all, we'll need some pictures. Some high quality ones if you want help with the fuzz. If you ever need help with diagnosing something, always take a few pics. A whole plant shot and a close up or two would be really useful.

    I can venture a guess on the leaf curling. Over watering maybe? How often are you watering them and what size of container are they in?

    If you're using a camera and not a phone (unless your phone has a freakin' awesome camera) try to get a macro shot of the white fuzz you're talking about. Could be powdery mildew?
  3. im not sure what it is.. my webcam is the only thing i can take pictures with and its not very good quality :( ill try and find some pictures on google that look like the problem i have.. also, if it were some type of fungus/mold, would some diluted hydrogen peroxide do the job? and also, i don't think much oxygen is getting to the roots because the soil is packed down.. and they are in little cups, they are seedlings. i planted them in a little more newer soil from outside (very fertile) and i put some diatomaceous earth (if you are familiar with it) as a substitute for perlite.. and i heard it kills small pests in soil. its a very fine sand that you put in pool filters (there are no chemicals in it). they also smell a little skunky if you smell them up close, if thats normal.. they're only little plants..
  4. Hard to say man. Get whatever pics up that you can, even if they're not that great. You should at the very least be able to get some advice on the leaf curling.

    Look up powdery mildew and see if that's your problem. I actually have no experience with any type of pests or anything - I've only gotten bud rot once, on my first indoor grow. I've had tremendous luck when it comes to that. So I can't say I know off the top of my head how to fix any of it.

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