First time grower having problems, plz help

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  1. Hey, so this is my first grow. I germinated my seed in a ziplock bag with paper towels in a warm and dark place. After like 2 days when the root was 1/4 inch long (the reason I didn't wait longer is bc my friend told me it's good enough...) I planted it straight into a 5 gallon bucket (with some marbles and a hole at the bottom of it). I planted it 1/2 inch into the soil, moistened the soil and put two Hydrospikes. It's been 4 days and I'm not seeing any sign of it sprouting... Where I am right now it usually a high of 65 but usually sunny, at nights it drops down to mid 40's... also the plant isn't directly in sun during the day.
    So... How long do u think it might take for my plant to sprout?
    Do u think it will even sprout in these conditions?
    Should I try to move it to sun asap, or is it good for now?
    (If not^) What stage is sun critical?
    Any tips/ advice?
    Thanks guys..!
  2. Tis the season, for indoor gardening ;)
  3. If you put the sprouts in the medium, then watered, you may have pushed them too low with the water. It's difficult to say, only speculation on my part, but you did say you placed the sprout in, then "moistened."
  4. By moistened I ment watered... I put the germinated seed 1/4 inch into the soil, "watered" it then put the hydrospikes in
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    I understand what your conveying, but to clarify, when you "water" you can hit it to hard with a stream of water and push then too low, I've done it myself, before.
  6. just make sure u keep the soil moist,can take up to a week easy,id give it way more time,iv been in the same predicament,one time it took 1 1/2 weeks,hope this helped
  7. So if that's the case, what can I do now? Should I remove some soil from the top or might that mess things up?
    Don't know if that's the reason, but watch for a few more days and lets see if they emerge.
  9. So I looked at it today and it sprouted out of the ground a little less than a 1/4 of an inch into a curled "stem"...
    Is that supposed to be how it's coming out?
    And any advice on what to do now?
    Give it time, she'll open up.
  11. Is there any way I can send u a picture of it
  12. I don't know unless you started a new thread?
    like that? same idea.just a late bloomer, useful as little heads up prior to sexing if among other plants
  14. Just needs additional time, she'll get her head up soon.
  15. Hey guys, so I go to check on my plant today and it's like this...
    I put some moist dirt under the part that's laying down to pick it up a little.
    Has anyone had this problem before? And did I do the right thing?
  16. That's a mighty small plant for a month of age, and it looks like the base of the stem is infected, from over-watering maybe?
  17. So my plant has been growing for around 2 months and it's been growing slow but (looked) healthy, 1 problem with it was that the stem isn't strong so it's been slanting over, so i put some toothpicks to hold it till it can hold itself. This past week it rained a lot and when I checked on it, it looked dead. All the top leafs have holes or brown dots on them, but all the bottom leafs still look healthy. The plant actually still smells like bud I just want to know if there is still a chance it will grow bud. And what I should do

    This is it

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