First time grower having problems PLEASE HELP

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  1. Hello everybody,

    I have stumbled into a problem and i`m not quite sure how to fix it. 
    I read countless forums but i still can`t make out what kind of deficiency this is. 
    I`m thinking either its Magnesium or Zinc. 
    I really dont want to apply the wrong treatment, that`s why i desperately need your help. 

    Grow info:
    What Strain is it? 
    BIG BUD 85% indica from Sensi seeds.

    How Many Plants? 
    6 plants

    Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? 
    Flowering 2nd day.

    Soil or Hydro? 
    Hydro, NFT system, 60 l reservoir.

    Reservoir Temperature? 
    20-22 Celcius

    Size (Wattage) of Light? 
    1 air cooled tube 400W HPS.

    Temperature of Room/Cabinet? 
    25-27 Celcius

    RH of Room/Cabinet? 

    PH of Medium or Reservoir? 
    5.2 - 6.0 on average

    Any Pests? 

    Type and Strength of Fertilizers used? 
    Using Canna nutrients.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.

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    I stayed close to 5.8 for 30 days during veg, everything went fine, then the yellow tips appeared and the yellow shoots so i tried to lower the PH so the plant can uptake some Zn... I`d still want to fix it back my girls back to the original form. Thanks for the chart.
    EDIT: what if i feed Potasium foliar? And i keep the PH to 5.8, do you think that would make things better?
  4. Foliar feeding is not recommended for K .
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    But if i add potasium will the Zinc be absorbed if i keep the PH to 5.8? 
    Or is there anything that i can feed foliar to the plant so Zinc gets in? 
    Or should i try feeding the plant for one day at PH 5.4-5.5 and for another 6 at PH 5.8?
  6. Keep your ph as close to 5.8 as possible, and you can always foliage feed your plants with any fertilizer for micro deficits or maintenance. Zinc is needed in such minuscule amounts that Zinc is absorbed well though spraying foliage, but make sure you don't spay under hot lights. Best temp for micro foliage spraying is 70 degrees.

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