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  1. Hi everyone, I have been growing 3 ak47 autos in a plastic grow tent in my garden in England. The plants are around 110 days now from seed and are at varying levels of flower. Can I have some opinions on the plants ie do they look like they should, they have grew upwards rather than outwards and yield looks low to me. Any help much appreciated.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Outside harvest is usually mid to late October or just before the first predicted frosty night. 33degs F or 1C

    A microscope will let you get a better idea of how ripe they are.
    small handheld ones can be found for under $10.00.
    Take tiny snips from several spots on the plant where the light doesn't reach inside to a table and inspect for Trichome color.

    Bottom of the chart for my taste, Needs more amber to take the speedy edge off the high. Don't harvest to early when it's all clear.

  3. Cheers although outside they have been on 24 hour light cycle with led lights. I am bothered by the shape of the plants don't know if they seem too skinny or what.

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  4. My veg space runs on 24-0 so my summer plants have to be kept lit up at night to hold them in veg for June and July. Lights go off the 1st of Aug as that is the normal trigger date for my area. I had a few that I wasn't able to light up so they jumped to flower back in June that are nearly done.

    It can be tricky to judge when a forced plant is done in summer since at around July 1st they sense the long days and start to reveg. Not all do it but I have 3 this set that have put out single finger fan leaves a sure sign they are in reveg.
    4 others are in deep flower and will be done in about 2 more weeks. Everything else will be mid Oct to harvest.

    Don't be to concerned about the size or shape of the plants they just "Are". You'll get better with each grow. A few screw ups along the way no doubt but that is all part of learning the craft.

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