First time grower - handful of questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by asdffdsa42, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Been lurking for a few days, trying to plan out my first grow. Before I start placing orders, I'd like some feedback from some of the more experienced growers.

    I'm planning a small closet/cabinet grow of roughly 4-6 plants (bagseed) the dimensions of which are yet to be determined by what pops up on craigslist. Ideally looking for something like a small wardrobe (2'x1'x5'). I imagine this is reasonable.

    Plants are to be grown in soil w/CFLs. I'm still not sure about the LST or ScrOG techniques and whether they'll be necessary or desirable given the conditions. I understand both are for maximizing yield in a small grow space, but I think that's a bridge I'll cross when it comes.

    As for supplies. The following is my planned order from htgsupply. Is this sufficient for the size of the grow planned? Is there anything I'm missing that I can't get from home depot or petsmart?

    1.5cuft FoxFarm ocean forest
    10 5.5" square pots
    1qt each FF Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom
    GH pH Control Kit (incl. pH up/down and liquid tester stuff)

    Also, a few questions about security:
    1) All of my grow-related internet browsing has been done on a dedicated virtual machine on my laptop, with all traffic being tunneled through Tor. I've also been using anonymous email accounts and usernames when required. How much of this is overkill?

    2) The grow site will be at my SO's apartment. I'm planning on ordering a number of supplies from and The bulbs I imagine could be ordered with a CC and mailed directly to the apartment. The grow supplies I intend to purchase with a money order. Should I ship to the grow site or to a third party? Would I be better served trying to find a local gardening center and paying cash?

    3) An additional 200kWh/month (estimated) in a studio apartment isn't going to attract any attention as long as the bills are being paid?
  2. don,t use FoxFarm ocean forest until plant are in veg its to hot for seedlings
  3. i would get what you can locally and ship any online orders to a third party and dont worry about electric as long as the bill is paid
  4. What should I start them in then? My understanding was you sprout them in a wet paper towel, drop them onto the pot and sprinkle a little soil on top.

    Should I use that or one of these (High Tech Garden Supply) rockwool cubes or seed plugs to sprout the seeds and then just plant those directly into the soil?

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