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    This is my first clone, it is about 10inches, I have it under a 42w cfl an inch away and a regular 100w bulb. Using Fox Farms Ocean Forrest. I did not know what nutrients to buy so I found what I thought was a decent nut kit online. My container is a cooler painted white and its is 17 inches left to right and about 13 1/2 front to back and the top is just open. I have been foliage feeding it with Age Old Grow, and one water time with Neptunes Harvest Fish Fertalizer. Yesterday when adjusting my light I let the bulb accidently hit the top and a new growing leave was injured and today I took it off as it looked gone and now has a brown spot. Please any feedback or suggestions, I would like to yield a 1/2 or full ounce. I also do not want to grow it too big as i dont want to add more light,for money reasons and the fact that it is in my room and I can not sleep with lights on haha
    Here are the nutrient info I bought 

    1/2 Teaspoon -- DragonFly Earth Medicine Lush Roots 840
    1 Tablespoon -- Buffaloam Organic Plant Food Loose Compost Tea (1 - 1 - 1)
    1 Liquid Ounce -- FoxFarms Kangaroots
    2 Tablespoons -- Broad Spectrum Mineral Soil Amendment (Azomite, Greensand, Leonardite, etc.)
    2 Tablespoons -- High Nitrogen Growth Composite Dry Fertilizer (10.2 - 4.2 - 3.6)
    1 Liquid Ounce -- Age Old Organics Grow (12 - 6 - 6) Foliar Feed
    2 Tablespoons -- Fruit & Bloom Composite Dry Fertilizer (2.3 -10.0 - 10.4)
    1 Liquid Ounce -- Age Old Organics Bloom (5 - 10 - 5) Foliar Feed
    Grow Instructions & Feeding Schedule

    All products are sourced from highest quality organic and natural sources.

    Seedling/Cutting Root Establishment & Soil Ecology (seedling phase) - To properly develop, roots need symbiotic fungal inoculates (mycorrhizae) to help the plant properly absorb moisture and nutrients. Concurrently, in order for soil nutrients to be bioavailable, the soil must have a rich bacterial micro-ecology that converts elements into a usable form. The three included products-- Lush Roots 840, Buffaloam Tea, & FoxFarm Kangaroots -- can convert sterile of sub-optimal soil into an optimal medium for maximum growth, yield, and product quality. 

    Soil Amendment & Broad Spectrum Micro Minerals (all phases) - In the same way that we need a broad spectrum of nutrients, so do plants. A deficiency in any one essential mineral can create a myriad of poor growth problems, and at worst invite disease and pests. Our formula overs a solid balanced foundation of critical elements throughout the plant's lifecycle.
    Soil Amendments & Broad Spectrum Macro & Micro Minerals
    35% Azomite OMRI Organic
    25% Espoma Organic Greensand
    20% Calcium Acetate
    15% Magnesium Sulfate
    5% Diamond Black Organic Granular Leonardite

    Vegetative High Nitrogen (growth phase) - The yield of a plant's end product depends of the establishment of a vigorous and healthy foliage growth. During the growth phase, a plant requires heavy amounts of nitrogen, but must maintain an exposure to other nutrients needed for cellular strength, sturdy stems, and broad root formation. One little used method to achieve optimal growth is foliar feeding. Foliar feeding involves spraying diluted nutrients directly onto the plants leaves where they are readily absorbed. This method is immediately effective and efficient. As much as 95% of foliar fertilizer is used by the plant, while only 10% of soil fertilizers can be utilized. The results--according to studies-- are increased yields of 12% to 25%. Dry fertilizer is critical, however, to ensure proper root development. 

    Age Old Organics Grow (12 - 6 - 6) Foliar Feed -- Dropper provided for precision measuring

    "The ideal growth phase foliar feed. A fast-acting natural high nitrogen formula with a 2 to 1 nitrogen ratio to encourage continued growth and vigor to your plants. Age Old Grow is manufactured by combining fish, seaweed, and naturally-occurring nutrients to form a stable, odorless, liquid plant food." *

    Vegetative Dry Fertilizer Mixture: (10.2-4.2-3.6)
    30% Miracle-Grow Organic Choice Blood Meal (12-0- 0)
    20% Roots Organic Super Nitro Bat Guano (15.5 -1-1)
    20% Sunleaves Peruvian Seabird Guano (12 -11-2)
    10% FoxFarms Happy Frog Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer (7-4-5)
    10% Jobes Organics All-Purpose (4-4-4)
    5% Bone Char -- Charcoal Green (.52-16-.06)
    5% Organic Banana Skin Ash (0-3.25-41.76)

    Fruit/Bloom/Flower/Bud (final harvest phase) - The part of the growth cycle necessary for a satisfying harvest. The quality of the product depends upon nutrient formulas high in phosphorus and potassium. 

    Age Old Organics Bloom (5 - 10 - 5) Foliar Feed -- Precision dropper provided see picture

    "A fast-acting natural high phosphorus combination of two of the oldest forms of fertilizer known, with added micronutrients. Odorless and concentrated Age Old Bloom will encourage early growth, better fruit set, increase germination rates, help flower and bud formation, and will help overcome stress caused by natural or chemical damage." *

    Fruit & Bloom Dry Fertilizer Mixture: (2.3-10.0-10.4)
    25% Bone Char -- Charcoal Green (.52-16-.06)
    20% Earth Juice Primal Harvest (0-12-1)
    20% Organic Banana Skin Ash (0-3.25-41.76)
    10% Espoma Organic Tomato Tone (3-4-6)
    10% Sunleaves Peruvian Seabird Guano (12 -11-2)
    10% Miracle-Grow Organic Choice Bone Meal (6-9- 0)
    5% Age Old Organics Dry Fruit (2-10-20)
  2. You dont need any of that huge list of bullshit to grow good buds.
    You need to buy light before all that other stuff.
    Dont burn the plants, pay attention to what you are doing.
    All the plant food in the world will not help if the fuckers head is on fire.
  3. 1st off lmao, and secondly I am using a total of 142w, The info Iv read recomends 80-100w per plant. Is the light actually sufficient? Im reaching to get at least 1/2 or a full ounce. 
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    I dont think those will cut it, add more light for flowering.
    The one bulb looks incandescent and the other a 42 watt CFL with the equivalent factor thats just to make it sound better than it is.
    Dont be spooked of wattage, you can get a lot bigger with better lighting.
  5. Yes one is incandescent at 100w and the cfl is 42w or 150w equivalant, What is suggestion snoop?
    (2-4) 42 Watt - CFL150 W Equal - 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight later some 2,700K for flowering and its fine to flower under both.

  7. Any input on switching it to 12/12 when it is about 12inches tall?
  8. lol...snoop tellin it like it is. good advice.
    yes, you want a plant that's growing fast and is very happy when you flip to flowering. A vigorous growing plant will be the best.
    Give her at least 2 weeks to heal up.
  10. You should pay attention to lumens more than wattage in my advice

    toke strong, live long
  11. How many lumens?
  12. Maybe a good idea to start the flowering schedule?
  13. Grab like 4 of those 42ers and ditch the incandescent its pretty much just adding heat. Maybe a little breeze on it would help and if you just burned her, let her recover a bit before you flower. Currently very small so will yield almost nothing. Is veg it out a bit.

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  14. You'll be lucky to roll a joint on that thing with those lights if you flower at 12 inches. Lol. Get a light and a fan. You would be better off using mg for 5 bucks and putting the money into a light instead of nutes bro. :)

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  15. Just get a cheap 250watt kit off Amazon or ebay dude. Just over a hundo and well worth it. Will come with MH and HPS bulbs.

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