First time grower (edge curling, slightly yellowing tips)

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    Hello everyone, first time grower here… trying to stay ahead of the game.

    I’ve got some edge curling on my bigger plant (primarily on the upper canopy), and the tips are pointing slightly down. (using foxfarm kokbop soil). Could this be from high nitrogen counts?
    I plan on adding some cal mag and veg nutes on the next watering.

    my seedling is starting to show some yellowing in the tips.

    I just recently raised my light slightly as I had read some people having a similar issue with the edge curling and the cause was light burn. Am I on the right track?


    not sure how to treat the yellowing tips on the seedling, wondering if they’re being shocked from the loaded soil. I’m using kokobop and haven’t added anything else in. Plan on adding some cal mag and some veg nutes on the next watering.


    Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA

  2. What is the wattage of your light and how close is it.
  3. upload_2023-3-16_16-19-18.jpeg
    when posting this pic it was about 23” away from the highest point of the canopy.

    ppfd was roughly 480 at that spot.

    I moved it up a bit tho, as mentioned in original post. It’s now sitting 25” above with a ppfd of 450 or so
  4. Monitor it, see if it gets better, if not, move the light up 4 inches.
  5. Will do! Thanks for your input
  6. Bumping the light up and introducing some cal-mag seems to have helped! Looks the best she has thus far.

  8. I'd say yes to this. And most likely your cal-mag is nitrogen rich.
  9. I’m gonna be looking for some dolomite on my day off tomorrow, need a way to introduce cal-mag not in nitrate form.
  10. that bag of soil includes dolomite lime...just an fyi. Sometimes doing more is actually doing less.
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  11. Thanks for the heads up! I was just wanting to give the soil a bit more buffer to work with, maybe I’ll hold out, and once the soil has been eaten through a bit, consider bolstering the buffer. Appreciate you pointing out the Dolomite in my soil!
  12. You're welcome.

    If it were me...I wouldn't do anything for the next two weeks but maybe water once or twice depending on environmental conditions.....just don't do the new grower move and overwater with love which then creates fungas gnats and root rot!

    Good luck!
  13. Definitely gonna let it dry back more and let me know when she’s thirsty! Thanks again!
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  14. Update: she she’s been doing a lot better the last couple days, edge curling is less exaggerated… judging by the slight edge browning, I’d have to guess nutrient burn was probably a large part of the edge curling. The clawing is still there, but much less prominent, and now primarily on the lower leaves (assuming it could be because those leaves are getting more nitrogen than higher up in the canopy). I went ahead and topped, Going to wait a bit for more growth from the mains, then I’ll start training down, and let the mid- section catch up. I def need to get them out of the way as they are blocking a good portion of light from penetrating… Appreciate all the advice from everyone!

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    [​IMG]Update: She’s been shaping up quite nice! Been doing some training to squat her down even more than she already is in order to prep her for the Scrog (should be in the 4x4 by next week for another few weeks of veg). Slight de-fol here and there as her fans are massive and a few were just blocking too much light below the canopy. She seems to be eating through that nitrogen better these days as I’m starting to get some lighter green tones coming through. Thanks again for all the pointers along the way!

    upload_2023-3-30_10-2-24.jpeg upload_2023-3-30_10-3-2.jpeg
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