First Time Grower, Couple Of Questions

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  1. I'm looking to grow about 4 plants using bc northern lights hydro gear (price doesn't matter) the thing is that I work 2 weeks away from my house. Is it possible to run my setup for 2 weeks? Or is this basically no way in hell happening?
  2. Two weeks is a very long time.
    The delicate controls that make hydro great also make it require frequent checking and adjusting slightly.
    Problem #1, depending on your hydro system your plant will definitely drinka shit-ton in two weeks, gotta think about keeping it watered.
    Problem #2 the biggest issue is my mind is control. If your ph fluctuates in hydro, two weeks will kill your plants. If there is another issue power outage equipment failure etc you are basically screwed.
    I've never grown hydro myself and am just speaking from what I've learned about it. I won't say no way in hell but I'm leaning that way unless a hydro-pro is about to give you some sick tricks.
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    No. Flat out no. Not a hydro setup. Hydro is pretty high maintenance to be gone for that amount of time.. Even soil growers would be wary of being away for 2 weeks. If you are dead set on growing, the go soil, all organic so you won't have to feed nutes yourself, and work out some sort of watering system. Won't be perfect but if you are dead set on it you could do something. Even if it doesn't work out, no shame in trying.

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