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  1. Hey all! I currently have a female.plant that I started June the 8th. Indoor grow, started in a solo cup. The plant is healthy and growing well. Was in 24 hour light up until 2 days ago, a friend told me to start shutting lights off for 4 hours a day. The stem is still very thin and plant is growing tall. I'm pretty sure I may have transplanted too soon. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips. I do have 2 more seeds I haven't started yet because i want to sse how my first one turns out. I've attached a few pics to show progress. The purple ones were taken today! Thanks!

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  2. It looks like they are stretching for more light, or more 'white' spectrum of light anyway. Add a couple of 6500K florescent lights,if you can...or whatever you can afford for more light...
  3. Thank you for replying we have it under some LED lights and then a regular light for the heat. I dont make much money so I'm tryin to do what I can. I know I'm not going to get a lot of bud off it but its healthy and growing
  4. If you have a small fan that’ll make the plant move a tiny bit it will strengthen the stem. And maybe move the led a little closer if the plant seems to be stretching.
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  5. Thank you! I think she has finally stopped stretching. I've have watched so many videos I kinda feel like this plant is behind. Just because she looks smaller than most of seen and it's been over 4 weeks now. Im sure next step is topping but I'm afraid to do so because she is small
  6. What are the temps in your grow room?
  7. 80 degrees
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  8. Anyone have any experience with these nutrients? Pic uploaded below. A friend gave them to me and I'm trying to figure out what to use and when

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  9. Just an updated picture. My bf is wanting to know how and when we should top this plant.

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  10. Or you could just drop the current lights you have down a bit....closer to the plants
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