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first time grower!!! check my setup!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bingongie420, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. ok guys and gals, heres waht i got

    box covered in tinfoil with two small cups holding seeds with dirt of course covered in saran wrap (so i dont have to water them as much)
    with two lights shining on taht good?? i'm not sure if the saran wrap is right, my good friend told me taht if i did taht iw ouldnt have to water it as much but i'm afraid it might have too much humidity.. please give me input on this thanks!!

    ps- i'm not interested in having the best plant i just want a plant where i can get some bud off not like a shitload thanks!!

  2. i'd recommend painting the inside of the box with a glossy white paint. either that or use the dull side of the foil (better light/heat distribution).

    i don't know about the plastic wrap thing... i've usually just heard to put the seeds in a wet paper-towel sandwich, and put that into a sandwich bag, and put the bag somewhere warm and dark.. keep it moist, and check every 12 hours until you see a little root emerg. when the roots are about 1/8" long, transplant (rootside down) 1/4" deep into soil.
  3. thanks for your help. i'll try the paper towell thing cuz its been a couple days and nothing has happened inside my cups.. whats your icon thing?? its pretty freaky
  4. my avatar is a cross between nubbin's ICM and some guy with a whole lot of piercings. the idea to put the piercing guy's face on the ICM's mesh tank top was given to me by namrom_420s... so i did it and created one hell of a scary avatar... i still think the ICM is the scariest though.
  6. hey man i gotta agree the dude has freaky shit eh well any whooooo like the man sez paper towel or what i do is get a face cloth and fold it in half the seed go in the half till they good size dont damage them and then put im im the dirt alot more success i sure ya
  7. if you put your germinating your seeds with the paper towel method do NOT touch germinated seeds with your hands that can possibly damage them. be careful

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