First time grower can't bring humidity down

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  1. First time growing cannabis, acquired 10ft by 5ft, grow tent, then some seeds of unknown strain, I decided to put the tent in an outside shed(only place I have space for it) I'm about 4 weeks into the grow and switched to 12/12 for flowering a couple of days ago a d can't seem to bring humidity down stays about 70% sometimes drops to 60%I have 2 1200w led lights, I have 2 fans in there to help circulate air flow I have a 6 Inch outflow connected to a carbon filter, my inflow is just the bottom vent flaps down bottom, I have purchased a dehumidifier that is suppose to draw 12 liters every 24 hrs but doest really touch it, I seen something on the Internet where someone modified their dehumidifier for an intake by putting plastic on vents and duct it to tent from outside I did that and made no diffrence, I do have quite a few plants in there 18 in total, was just after anyones advice if they have been in a similar situation growing outside this time of year (uk) in a shed that isn't insulated, thanks 20221004_063224.jpg 20221004_063224.jpg 20221002_200514.jpg
  2. No biggy, unknown strain as you flip to flower, its only later in flower do you need to be tight on the Rh%, should these be a standard grow then in about 2 weeks you will flip the males out reducing the volume by about 50% leaving much room for the females to grow increasing venting

    see where I'm going

    good luck
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  3. Do you think the rh would go down by decreasing the plants I was looking at an industrial 60 litre dehumidifier but they are far to expensive
  4. If you are planning on doing some defoliation at some point, that will drop the RH a decent amount.
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  5. I seen on the Internet to trim and fan leaves that are bigger than your hand up top and 20% down bottom ?
  6. yes I confess not a lot, as I remember Rh is an atmospheric thing, once upon a time I was in the same situation and took my air via 6 inch sewer pipe(bought new for the job) from my house

    possibly relocate to a spare bedroom for the final stages pre harvest?

    Indoor Humidity Control for Cannabis Plants | Grow Weed Easy
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  7. Well, everyone has their own method when it comes to defoliation. For me, about a week before I flip to 12/12 I strip everything off except for the top node or 2 on each branch. That way all your bud ends up in whatever growth occurs during stretch. Ends up something like this:
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  8. Does that help bring your humidity down abit ? As you can see from mine look like a jungle
  9. Yes, it will drop it substantially.
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