First time grower asking for design ideas on grow closet/cabinet

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  1. Hey to all my fellow tokers! Greetings from Canada. I've been researching these forums for a few months now and final decided it was time to grow for myself!

    I scooped up this (see attached pictures) off a local classifieds site for $40. It does have a cardboard backing but other then that mostly cheap mdf board. It measures on the inside as follows, 68" tall, 28" wide, 19 1/2" deep.

    If its impractical to use id consider a tent off ebay to stash in a closet. I live in an apartment so some degree of stealth is welcome. For my first couple grows I think Ill grow in batches versus perpetual harvest, but would like to design the closet to where I can also have a veg chamber for future use, or a drying area ect. I'm setting myself a budget of $500. For lighting im leaning toward a 400watt HPS and MH combo, possibly getting a combo with both lights ballast and reflector off ebay for $130.

    What design ideas can you seasoned growers come up with? :D

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  2. How many plants are you going to grow in here at once?
  3. Paint the walls white or get some Mylar for reflectiveness, if stealth is a concern get a good carbon filter, I have a 400w hps and if you used a 4-6" hydrofarm fan you should be able to keep your temps down. Get a couple of small fans or a decent sized one for circulation, and don't forget about an intake fan. If temps become an you could always go with a cool tube set up. Hope that helps man

  4. Probably 4 plants flowering.

    Yea, Ill be painting the cabinet in the next couple days. How loud are the hydrofarm 4" fans? There is a computer in the room, would it be noticeably more then that?

    Here's what I have so far.

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  5. i have 3 almost 2 foot plants and together they pree much take up a 4 feet x 2 feet hope that gives you some idea of what your up against, if your growin in small spaces, be prepaird for it to be filled.
  6. I'd get yourself a 400w hps set up and get a CMH (ceramic metal halide) bulb to use for veg instead of a regular metal halide...that way you don't need the convertible ballast cuz the CMH will work in a hps ballast (it's designed for it) CMH's are getting very popular right now...I've done a few harvests with them but I still prefer my hps for flowering, but cmh is amazing for veg and does really great in flower too, just a little leafier then my horti's. If you're interested in the cmh I can give you the run down on them and stuff..bout 60$ bulbs...and have amazing lumen, drop off rates, and spectums compared to other HID lighting.

    If you want a super quiet fan..I've run a 150cfm panasonic whisper cooling a 400w hps easily, with filter. dead quiet. Thought it was broke first time I plugged it in..till I put my hand over the exhaust...they run around 130$ shipped.

    I think your best use of light is gonna be to get a huge hood that fills the whole area, such as a SS2 or magnum, that reeally fills it out, glass covered so you can aircool seperately. A huge hood really helps to get light to the corners when growing in a box.
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    I actually got donated an older/larger ballast along with some new lights :) Ill throw pictures up later. It came with a 400W HPS and a 400W MH conversion bulb. I guess a MH that runs on a HPS ballast.

    Yea, realistically I might wanna do three plants. Have toyed with the idea of a perpetual grow using 12/12 lighting, so Id then increase then amount of plants from more then 4!
  8. Old school ballast. Doesn't fit in the top shelf standing up, do you think id be fine to lay on its side? I don't see why not.

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  9. yeh it don't matter what way their oriented.
  10. I've never seen a ballast like that, how old is it?
  11. I asked the guy I got it from, he's not sure. At least two or three years he's had it. Update on the cab, it's sanded and ready for it's paint tonight. Got a Rubbermaid container and air pump and air stones, going to try a aeroponic bubbler combo. Also I was givin the chance to buy clones for 20$ a pop of a strain he didn't say the name of. How good an idea is starting with clones for a first time grower instead of ordering seeds?
  12. starting with clones can save you a ton of time. Be very weary of bugs and stuff...even if he says they're clean, spray em yourself.

    20$ a piece is a fair price if it's good genetics...names don't matter as much as true quality genetics that are all gonna be female and have the same growth habits..

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